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Under Darkened Skies (a cancelled and forgotten PT idea)
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12-Mar-2017, 12:15 AM

Hey guys. This is an old PT idea I had a while back. It is the same as the Clone Vader idea I which I put in my Random PT ideas thread (see here:, but I had been going back on the old manuscripts I originally had and wrote the first five chapters (originally four) of what would have been part 1 in my trilogy.

It’s not the best PT I ever planned, but I do like a few of the ideas I had in mind. I would like to know what you guys think. Comment, critique, and enjoy.


Piracy, crime, corruption. These things spread across the Outer Rim of the galaxy like a plague. Hundreds of worlds, innocent or guilty of these things, had been afflicted severely. People were left starving and poor or suffered under tyranny of their governments. Soon, such things became notice of the rich and prosperous Middle Rim and Core Worlds. They sent their armies out to bring peace, bring justice.

Any Outer Rim world that retaliated was swiftly crushed. With nowhere else to go, those desperate worlds fell upon an age-old tactic: cloned soldiers. They were sent out against the “just warriors,” the respected soldiers and vaunted Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. Skirmishes spread across the galaxy, regular beings fighting against soldiers born in minutes and bred for war.

Skirmishes turned into battles. Battles turned all-out war. Years passed and more worlds were scorched into nothing. Heroes and villains on either side were lost to the flames of war, and the piles of bodies were stacked atop another.

During that war, twenty-five years before the fated Battle of Yavin IV, the story begins in the Outer Rim, where a Jedi Knight and his pupils have just saved a world from the fate of others. Unbeknownst to any of them, the galaxy takes a turning point that they never could expect…