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Anakin Starkiller
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If every Movie had a post credit scene
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10-Mar-2017, 11:40 AM

TPM: Dooku discussing a clone army with Kaminoans (would make sense if Dooku were in the movie).
AOTC: The scene between Dooku and Sidious.
ROTS: A ~8 year old Luke sees Obi-Wan and asks Owen who he is. The two walk offscreen as Owen describes him as a crazy old hobo.
ANH: Yoda looking up at the sky, like HAL suggested, minus mumbling.
TESB: A shot of the interior of Jabba’s Palace at night, slowly panning towards a carbon-frozen Han Solo.
ROTJ: A hand covered in a black glove reaches into the funeral pyre and grabs Vader’s helmet.
TFA: Luke’s island, as suggested by Marduk and, in a way, DigiMod.