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3-Mar-2017, 6:52 PM

Hello everyone. WS, again, with another PT idea. This time, this is a story (one of many I had planned) where the PT would take place into one story and was split up into 3 parts (each part per ‘episode’ of a trilogy). It was meant to be more of a flashback story, starting out with Vader reminiscing about the past, starting part 1 of the story. Afterwards, there would be two interludes; one for Bail Organa on Alderaan, who just heard the supposed death of Leia in an accident, and fears what happened in the past may happen again, leading into part 2 (the beginning of Anakin’s fall; and for Obi-Wan on Tatooine, who senses Luke and begins to wonder how everything ended up this way, making way for part 3 of the story (which tells Anakin’s conversion into Darth Vader).

I barely made it through the story. All I ever had were just ideas, and small bits and pieces of unfinished excerpts. The only thing I finished was the prologue with Vader, as seen down below. It’s not much and it is a few years old, but do you think it was a good idea to start like this? I’d like to know. Thanks.

The automated doors slid shut as Darth Vader strode into his personal chambers. His black boots strode on the equally ebon-colored floor with the long, dark cape dragging behind him. The Dark Lord wasted no time and went for the projection pod just a few steps away, ready to give his report to his master.

Stepping onto the circular frame, Lord Vader lowered himself on one knee as quickly as his prosthetic limbs would allow. The pod lit up against Vader’s black armored form and cape while the lights in the chamber dimmed around him. A moment later, and the blue image of the emperor shimmered into existence, like some ghost in Coruscant’s misty morning.

Vader merely stared down. Though the machines in his body regulated his pulse and breathing, he almost felt himself freeze upon feeling the emperor’s gaze on him.

“My master…” the greeting reverberated through Vader’s respirator with his heavy breathing.

“Report, Lord Vader,” the emperor began.

“The ship is on route, as planned. It won’t be long until we meet with the rest of the fleet.”

“And the plans?”

Ah, yes. The stolen Death Star plans. For the past week, Vader and the crew of his personal Star Destroyer had been in charge of searching for them. “They are still in the rebels’ hands, my master.”

The shriveled face writhed in annoyance, and Vader felt the venom through the Force. “I take it you have made a move to recapture them,” his master said in a wry tone.

“Yes, my master. Imperial intelligence has already caught word of the ship that escaped Toprawa. I will detain it and find the plans.”

“When you do, there is something I want you to do. Governor Tarkin is already on route with the Death Star. You’re to join him once you have retrieved the plans.”

Finally, Vader raised his metal helm to his master. “Master, the rebels are the first priority. They must be stamped out before they attack again.”

“The rebels will have to wait, for now. Tarkin has grown overconfident in his abilities, and I can’t afford anymore oversights. I need you to make sure Tarkin does not… overstep his bounds.” There was a slight hiss at the end, followed by a small pause while the accursed eyes burned into the Sith Lord’s black helm. “I sense you are not fully on board with the idea.”

Vader suppressed a tinge of discomfort. Slowly, he confessed. “I believe too much faith is put into the Death Star. The rebels have proved to be capable of stealing the plans. They may find a weakness.”

“I doubt it, Lord Vader. The Death Star will be the Empire’s ultimate weapon against the rebels.”

“Despite its power, it’s nothing compared to-”

“Compared to the Force, yes,” the croaked voice drawled out. “The Jedi said the same thing, of course. They thought the Force was the ultimate power, but it was the Force that brought their own end… or have you forgotten that?”

Vader’s hands resting on his knee clenched into fists. “I have not, master,” he answered monotonously.

“Then, there is nothing more to be said. Be sure to contact me when you arrive… And Vader. I expect you to tend to your duty.” The dry comment was the last thing before the transmission ended and the emperor returned from whence he came.

Vader rose to his full height in eerie silence. He treaded his boots off the pod and towards the meditation chamber, like some great Krayt Dragon. He entered the sphere and nestled himself right in the chair.

Finally, Vader let his anger boil. His fists clenched tightly on the armrests as the taunt echoed in his ears. Forgotten? The emperor dared to mock him, everything he had done, everything he had accomplished?!

With the Force, Lord Vader activated a switch, and the upper half of his chamber lowered to encapsulate him. His chair swirled along with his anger, and he began to question his master’s words.

Had Vader forgotten? No, he had not. Not fully. He remembered his choices, the mistakes he had, in his rise to power. They had been worth it. He was the Dark Lord of the Sith, serving the Empire like he served the Republic all those years ago… Of course, there were other choices he made, other paths. It had been another time… another life, and not everything had been clear.

“Many truths come from our own point of view,” he recalled Kenobi saying, much to his chagrin.

Once the jagged teeth closed with a slight hiss, Vader centered himself in the Force. What little of his normal bodily functions slowed to halt, leaving only the machines to work them. A mechanical appendage lowered from the ceiling and grabbed the round helmet, slowly undoing the locks on it.

Just as the helmet lifted, a haze came over Darth Vader’s vision. It blurred the white color of the chamber’s inner walls, and he began to see things he had not seen in a long time; the future, the past, old friends long gone…