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Help: looking for... 'The X-Files' (1993) - Season 1 to 4 in 4X3???
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21-Feb-2017, 7:27 AM

The netflix versions are 16:9 and were the first signs of a remaster by Fox.
The blurays are 16x9, but the sides opened up, the cinematogrpaher claimed they protected for 16:9, which seemed to be the case as of season 4.
The original dvds are 480i, but I was curious if the Japanese laserdiscs were progressive?
I wanted to start a project for the x files with these factors in mind.

The intro is in serious need of work:
The Font was not correct
The rest was upscaled, at least one shot of the intro can be replaced in HD and that footage is from tooms.
And these fuckups plagued the intro well into season 10.
I also wanted to create a framing master where the 16:9 openings are overlaid over a de-interlaced 4x3 version, still though the main corners would be lost but this would preserve both framing styles.
I wanted to see if I could use Vincent Cheung’s video epitomes to assemble something with them but this project is on hold until I can acquire a computer for the workload I’m going to be frying it with.
Alot of VFX also had to be recreated and I assume that I’ll need to be preserving the original VFX.
I also want to do my own VFX mods to the second episode.