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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]
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18-Feb-2017, 7:23 PM
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28-Mar-2017, 10:01 PM
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Thanks Hal! 😃

I’m a huge fan of your edits, and I hope it’s no insult that I still felt like I wanted to make my own edit. Labyrinth of Evil is still my favorite version of RoTS that exists; it just inspired me to try and do it myself, to my personal liking.

I studied yours extensively for this; it really did a lot of what I wanted RoTS to do, especially with Anakin’s motivations. You really tightened the film’s pacing and storytelling, too. In that way, I know mine can never be as good (that, and this is probably only my third edit of a movie ever) because I want to go back a little bit and flesh out or portray differently, specific aspects of the film. The pace you set up is going to be sacrificed in favor of more romance and friendship, and that just doesn’t sound that great on paper, tbh. AND I’m making Padme die again? ik ik…

But I wanted to do it. I know a lot of people on a website called “Original Trilogy” wouldn’t be super invested in what the new canon is or The Clone Wars series, but a lot of me and friends are. Anakin circa 2005 just doesn’t jive with how he’s been portrayed since 2008, and the only way I felt like I could remedy that disconnect was make this edit.

Anyway, I’ve been tinkering with adding in the deleted “roger roger” elevator bit:
It’s working out better than I thought it would; I thought this would be the first thing to go, but I’ve actually managed to barely link the sequence together. Barely. It’s really, really rough. I don’t know if I can make it seamless. I’d love if could get my hands on the deleted scene in better quality to see if I’ll have more luck. (and maybe I could add an Anakin/Obi Wan chuckle, although that might be too much). I’ve spent way too much time on this already tho LOL.

I know it’s really silly - but since most other instances of the battle droids will use L8wrtr’s audio, hopefully that will somewhat cancel out the overall silliness level.

(Also, how are the lightsabers?)

Other things I’m currently messing with:

  • General Grevious addresses Anakin as “General” Skywalker. I mean, why not? It’ll help strengthen that image of Anakin I’m trying to build. You could honestly watch the original RoTS after AoTC and not pick up on the fact that Anakin isn’t Obi Wan’s padawan anymore. This is just a little thing among other things in this edit that try to hammer in how much Anakin has grown and matured.
  • This is a dumb thing I’m probably not even going through with, but I added a few notes of “Ahsoka Leaves” (pitched down a little bit to fit with the surrounding music) after Master Windu says, “No. If what you’ve told me…” It doesn’t really do much of anything, but kind of(?) evoke the last time the council failed someone by being dense, and I guess it shows Anakin remembers.

Other than these things, I can basically be done (but I still want to work on it); just need to fix a few audio things, and I could probably send anyone its current iteration if they asked.