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How many home video masters are there for the original trilogy?
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15-Feb-2017, 2:19 AM

I think different masters were used for video releases in other countries but anyways most US video releases, Pan and Scan VHS at least, from 1982-1992 used the same masters. Some had slight variations in audio but visually they were mostly the same. The 1993 LD box set featured the THX remastered prints which were further used for the 1995 VHS/LD releases and later would be known as the GOUT after its release to DVD in 2006. The '97 SEs were released on VHS and LD in 1997. As far as I know those same masters were used for the 2000 VHS release. The 2004 DVDs had new remasters and further changes. The 2011 BDs also had some additional changes and made some corrections to the '04 DVD masters but for the most part the '11 BDs use the same masters as the '04 DVDs.