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UK Election
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7-May-2005, 6:42 AM

Originally posted by: JediSage

Originally posted by: ricarleite
But I don't blame it on the people, as one's behaviour is shaped by his surroundings. And what surrounds these 95% who chose to ignore that there's a world out there? The media. Like in a crazy suicide cult, only the people being brainwashed denies that they are being brainwashed.

What exactly are the people of the US supposed to do for the rest of the world? How much of the blood of our citizens has been spilled over the past century liberating or protecting other countries? How much of our food has gone to feeding the hungry? How much money has our country shelled out bailing out failed economies, or rebuilding tsunami devasted countries a world away? When will the people of the world solve their own problems instead of looking for the US to bail them out? Do the corrupt/failed governments of the world bare any responsibility for the terrible state their countries are in? Who gives anyone the right to demand that we give more? If you sincerely believe that what I've said above is brainwashing, you need help man.

hehe this should cause a ripple

please bear in mind that there is a certain sense of irony & jest in the following comments (hidden amongst the truth)

"and so the brain washed individual counters with a sweeping statement that really does prove they are controlled. By failing to recognise that many of the points mentioned in their statement can be dismissed, as America the great was infuential, above all others, in the creation of the problem........"

remember this is a jestfull comment, not directly attacking individuals or America but perhaps suggesting an Orwellian nature to the world we live in.....the blinkers are pulled over our eyes on a daily basis...we are told what we need, or what they think we should know, and nothing more....we can but debate the indications of aid and where the finger of blame may rest.....

perhaps it is wrong to blame America but perhaps to lay the blame at the feet of those few individuals in positions of power that feel the need to "improve" foreign countries by imposing American funded leaders (that can later handily be removed from power by afore mentioned "individuals" thus paving the way to "enforce" Democracy (surely we don't think we still live in a Democratic world??) on said nation & conveniently help themselves to the ample supplies of oil stockpiled by said nation....

Ahhh bless George Orwell......a shame he's not around to witness the eerie relevance of his parodic novels....