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New Force Awakens fan edit
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8-Feb-2017, 12:23 AM

Jeebus said:

Jeffgale26 said:

What’s John Hamm’s pricetage again?
I’ll have to find a local actor and shoot them in front of a bluescreen, then shoot myself, lol.
I have to get someone around 45 to 60 who has some decent acting chops then get them in front of a green screen.
I need to get a better than great costume and make them look better than a bad cosplayer and film some scenes.
I guess.
Just hope the composite shot looks good.
And I’ll remember the rule on Y’all, I usually have it down half the time.

Are you gonna edit Hux out of every scene he’s in? That’s a ton of work and will take a lot of skill to pull off. Do you have experience with that kind of editing?

And one more thing, I learn most software by looking at it is a puzzle at first and force myself to learn the interface and techniques.
When I render that first shot and it looks like shit I’m going to fix it and go over it 100 times trying to see where I fucked up and how I can whip it into shape, and in 100 attempts if it still looks like shit, I’ll go over it 1000 times more.
Sadly the source is only 4:2:0,
Both my camera and the bluray, that is already a problem I’m anticipating.