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New Force Awakens fan edit
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7-Feb-2017, 6:12 PM

I have a few ideas about a possible fan edit I want to do for TFA and I wanted to run it by everyone, do you have any suggestions?
Adiwan’s fan edits gave me some thoughts.

I hated the opening crawl for several reasons, it was to brief, and it read like fan fiction, bad fan fiction, not to mention it was the wrong font, but I didn’t catch this until repeated viewing of the film.

The scene where the first order attacks the village and genocides it needs to be cut in my opinion the scene looked far to small scale and had far to much expository dialogue, and this dialogue was written with no subtlety.
I’m noticing this in alot of new movies is that some of these one on one scenes play out with expository dialoue and remind me of cut scenes from a video game no one wanted to buy.

I know that I want to make Captain Phasma male or eliminate Phasma completely from my cut of the film.
I also want to remove alot of scenes involving Kylo Ren throwing tantrums, I feel this detracts from the power of the villain, how can his character be in such a position of power? He’s like a man who shouldn’t be in power because he tweets insults at people who have discipline, but somehow managed to get there because he’s spoiled, this movie felt like more of a comedy than it did dramatic and I feel that Kylo Ren’s character was Kasdan not being able to resolve the identity crisis in the draft of the film that he flung at J.J. Abram’s empty skull.
I wanted to take the scene where Solo has to confront the space pirates on his freighter and replace the Irish marauder with a more battle scarred Boba Fett as well as possibly add Boba to the Bridge where Solo confronts Ben, also to replace General Hux with Fett at the end.
There are a handful of Hux scenes where I want to replace him with Grand Admiral Thrawn, I despise Hux, he’s far too young and doesn’t demand fear and respect from me.
Hux is a joke…
As for Han solo’s motive for wanting to see his son, Ben being revealed to be his son all through the film ruins the build up, there is no big surprise and takes to much away from the villain, I hate the identity struggle and I felt that Kylo Ren is at war with himself he can either be Ben or Anton Chigurh (I kept getting vibes Driver was trying to imitate Javier Bardem’s performace from “No Country for Old Men”, Anton Chigurh being symbolic of Cold Calculating Evil) the Sith lord with an identity crisis, bit would be more heartbreaking if we don’t see Ben’s lighter personality traits reveal themselves until Han Solo confronts him.
I want to see which deleted scenes I want to put back in to the film.
I also wanted to take the score from when Obi Wan dies in 4, and add it to the scene immediatly after Ren throws Solo off the bridge, starting with Chewey detonating the bombs and screaming in pain for the death of Solo.
The first scene with Snoke can be cut in half since the dialogue in that scene is redundant.
I wanted to borrow another idea from a fan edit, but with my own twist,
I want to add the deleted scene where the squadron jumps to warp, as they come out of warp that’s when the laser wave hit’s the capital, it would magnify that the new republic isn’t as competetant as it should be and magnify the tragedy of Solo’s death.
A good movie is like giving your girl an orgasm,
Most of the film is foreplay so you can build the audience up for a big climax and I want my audience to squirt.