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THX-1138 (1st Director’s Cut) - 35mm Grindhouse Edition (Released)
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25-Jan-2017, 3:31 PM

I found this version of mspleen:

Thanks to AMPS, poita, and AntcuFaalb for the wonderful release of the THX-1138 1971 theatrical 16mm scan.

This is a 720p reconstruction of the color film based on that scan of the, as far as we know, original version of the film. It is synced essentially frame by frame to the scan, with minor accommodations made once or twice.

This reconstruction (which is not despecialized, but unspecalized as to not mislead people into expecting Harmy level quality here) contains the 16mm audio track. Video is sourced from the Blu-ray and from csd79’s wonderful cleanup of the LD. With some pestering for advice from DrDre on the OT forums, I’ve used the Infognition SR plugin to upscale the LD to 720p. It looks decent at times, but there are a few shots that still stand out quite a bit. The upgrade is no where near what his SW script does. The Blu-ray color timing has been adjusted in different ways to try to better mesh sources as it is strongly tinted blue at times. Thanks to age, who produced LUTs for adjusting the Star Wars Blu-ray color timing. In some dark and blue scenes from this film, they work as well.

Container: mp4
Video: 720p H264 (Blu-ray / LD / 16mm)
Audio: AAC (16mm)

Runtime: 1:26:05

So basically this is the 1971 “studio” version. Now I also found on myspleen laserdisc rips, this is the 1978 “Lucas” version.

But is there a version that basically does the exact same thing as that 1971 restoration but restores the 1978 version as opposed to the 1971 release?