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The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy
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22-Jan-2017, 9:22 PM
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I guess I’ll continue to stick my nose in this conversation by repeating my thoughts from the other thread.

I think one of the key things to consider is the generation of the print. From what I’ve seen in several key shots, both the GOUT and the 97 special edition transfer were done from an interpositive. That could change how the colors look since its kind of an orange color. But that also means they’re one generation removed from the original negative. Also, since they were done later, there could be a slight difference in how the interpositive was generated.

So basically rather than tge coloring found in those versions being wrong I think it’s just different. It also could be closer to the original negative which is what some of us want to see. For those wanting a strictly 1977 transfer feel some of the uncomfortable color choices from those versions maybe closer to the truth. I just think the colors need to be properly balanced so that and it feels right as much as possible but the original color timing as it appeared in the original prints stays. If that means certain scenes look kind of green than they do. But they need to be corrected to the things around them so the blacks in the neighboring scenes are actually black and not dark green like I’ve seen in some of the images that have been shared. Because when you correct for just the darker green in those shots it reduces the green tint in the corridor shots of Leia and R2 without turning the white corridor walls magenta pink.