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4K restoration on Star Wars
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21-Jan-2017, 10:04 AM
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Truth is, Lucas had not even seen TFA when that interview was done in Oct or early Nov 2015. It was played after the movie released as if it was some criticism of the film when nothing directly was spoken of the film. Lucas also released a statement apologizing for the Slavers comment and said that they had done a good job continuing the franchise. Why would he have to do that? He’s not bound by anything. And We don’t know what will be incorporated of George’s treatment yet. Pablo of Lucasfilm story group states (And he knows what’s coming in the future stories)

lovelikewinter said:

Replacing Empire puppet Yoda with CGI would make all the “Han Shot First” stuff look quaint. It would be blasted by every nerd outlet, with only the most hardcore Prequel Justice Warriors for it.

Kennedy has no reason to even pay lip service to Lucas anymore. He called them white slavers and went off on TFA when it was in theaters.

Hopefully a 4K restoration was completed with Kennedy at the helm: Lucas’ was probably done on the cheap (like 2004) and with not much care to making the movies look right. Kennedy at least knows you have to spend some money once in a while.