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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set
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20-Jan-2017, 4:57 AM

njvc said:

I’m curious to know, how are people finding the commentaries? Have any fav’s so far? I’ve enjoyed listening through the comedy ones, esp the Super Ego commentary for ESB, and can also recommend The Canon for SW, and Half in the Bag for ROTJ.

I haven’t goten to the commentaries yet, but I just finished downloading SW and watched the first feature on the making of the Harmy versions. I was struck by how strong my feelings of appreciation were for all the work that went into this remake, and your added efforts to extend it to store-quality discs with extras and menus. Although I can understand the no-sales policy for legal reasons and to keep out the rifraf, it’s a real shame there’s no tangible way to show HOW MUCH those efforts are appreceiated from those of us on the receiving end. I did get permission from Harmy’s FB page to pass on my first tries at burning to others, free of charge. So I may not be able to give tangible rewards to those who did the work, but I can get their work into the hands of others who lack the tech skills to get it themselves. I plan to do the same with the non-njvc copies I have once I finish downloading the full njvc iso set and burn a new set of discs.

Thanks again to Harmy, NJVC, and all the other members who made these wonderful works available to us non-creative types!