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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set
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20-Jan-2017, 4:37 AM

njvc said:

I’m fairly certain you have not burned my version if there is no menu included. There were ISO versions doing the rounds before I made these that had no menus or features. I suspect that’s what you have downloaded.

(PM sent regarding my versions)

I had the same confusion when I found those BD25 iso files while I was in limbo and unable to register. I thought I had found the correct iso files and was confused by the lack of menus even though I knew the features would be on a seperate disc. It turns out those non-njvc iso files do include some additional content, but only as extra mp4 files on the disc which are not accessible from a menu. But if your blu-ray player can handle the files format, you can still access them by using the data disc option instead of the blu-ray disc option.