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Info Wanted: Has anyone done... Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions ?
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17-Jan-2017, 8:40 PM

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Just occurred to me, anyone ever attempted it not sure on the quality of the scenes but still it would be interesting anyway, quint annoying that poor kid with the clarinet needs gets me every time and it shows where he got the piano wire lol

I recently completed a hybrid edit of JAWS. It contains all the extra material from the ABC TV edit only.
Using the fullscreen VHS (PAL) remastered 25th anniversary release from 2000 of JAWS.
The 5.1 soundtrack has been replaced with the original mono audio from the 2005 2-disc R1 (NTSC) 30th anniversary edition,adjusted for PAL speed-up.
The deleted scenes (widescreen 4x3) ,taken from the R4 2005 2-disc (PAL) release have been cropped to 4x3.
The additional deleted insert shots (2) - not available on home video - of Quint’s tackle box,I borrowed from a copy of the ABC TV edit.
The added footage has been colour-corrected,cropped and framed to match the 4x3 presentation.

Extra scenes:

  1. Ellen Brody feeding the dogs.
  2. Brody & Cassidy alternate/extended dialogue.
  3. Mayor and Hendricks extended dialogue during band practice.
  4. Amity Music Shop.
  5. Amity Town Hall/Quint’s truck.
  6. Bounty hunters arrive on the island - extended.
  7. Bounty hunter shark kill frenzy.
  8. Hooper and Brody make their way to autopsy the shark.
  9. Two insert shots of Quint’s tackle box.

This version now contains all the language and violence of the theatrical cut with the extra material exclusive to the TV version.

I did the same for JAWS 2 - again,using a commercial fullscreen VHS tape and all additional footage from the TBS extended TV edit.

Awesome, I’ve always wanted to do something like that using the dvds with the deleted scenes included in them, sadly not all of Jaws 2’s scenes are in the DVD 😒

I’ve seen the deleted scenes from Jaws 2 on the DVD, and I know there’s more out there, but do you know what the deleted scenes consist of?

Extra scenes at the opening of the HOLIDAY INN - Ellen Brody tells a waitress to smile and look cute and Peterson tries to cut in when Brody & wife dance.

Martin drives the wife to work and ends up giving her boss (Len Peterson) a ticket for illegal parking - after two previous warnings.

Hendricks, Red & divers recover the camera at the last known location of the two missing divers - the ORCA’s resting place.

Extended scenes at the police station - Polly the secretary (recast) has some dialogue.

After grounding son Michael, Brody & wife have an extended dialogue scene which ends with him hiding his gun and poison-tipped bullets in the bathtub.

After the incident at the beach, Peterson convinces the Mayor to have a meeting with the selectmen, to vote Brody out of his job.

After Brody’s showing of the photograph - taken by the two missing divers - Peterson and the selectmen vote him out, with only the Mayor showing support for Brody.

Extended underwater attack on the helicopter pilot by the shark.

Dialogue scenes with the teenagers (throughout the film) have been cut.

An image exists of Bob clinging to a sailboat pontoon as he is about to be attacked by the shark.

Alternate scenes filmed by the original director - before he was fired - have never been seen (on home video) but exist as still images.

That’s just some of it.

Ah ok. I read from this book about the making of Jaws 2, only one thing from the original director is in the final cut-the fin rising above the water after the party in the beginning. A pretty cool shot too, really wish they added these scenes to the DVD bonus features