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The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread (Released)
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2-May-2005, 3:58 PM
Originally posted by: Metallaxis
Nero is also a very heavy program with occasional malfunctions, and apart from the fact that it can make compilations, I see no other reason to use it when Alcohol 120% is around. Lastly, Nero sometimes causes a conflict when auto insert notification is disabled in windows XP.
Hence: I HATE Nero.

I would have to agree with Metallaxis. But I would add Roxio to the list of programs that are heavy and malfunctions a lot. If any of you guys are going to purchase one of these programs (and I have used a lot of them), Alcohol 120% is by far the best for your money. As a system administrator, I have done thousands of installs of Nero and Roxio and they are sometimes the cause of problems with computers spontaneously restarting and getting the dreaded BSOD (Alcohol 120% has never done this to me on a Windows XP machine).

Also, I am a big fan of DVD Shrink and DVD Decryptor. You have got to love programs that are free, small and do what they advertise. Anyways, I do not want to hijack this thread but if you are going to buy a program for burning purposes, you should give Alcohol 120% a try.