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The Empire Strikes Back: Restoring the lightsaber cores project
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15-Jan-2017, 2:07 PM
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15-Jan-2017, 3:38 PM
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I’m uploading a v4.
I’m uploading a vfinal.
This is my last one. I’m stopping, well…
It’s the best I can do. I’m just an inexperienced person in front of a computer screen. This mostly was just me messing around, and I just don’t have any interest in continuing. If you want to see this restored scene, I suggest you view Harmy’s, or poilta’s restorations. If you wish to watch it with more modern updates, check out Adywan’s or telecine7’s.
As not to end on a negative note, here’s a small list of minor changes coming in v4:
-Contrast altering
-Colour correcting (color correcting in other places than Britain, and yes, I’m British if you didn’t already notice the TARDIS)
-Fixing some discoloured sparks back to white
If you want me to, I’ll work on an updated version of the scene with better effects! Just ask.

-Yours sincerely, Rafe