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The Aluminum Falcon
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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (* unfinished project / WIP *)
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11-Jan-2017, 1:37 AM

^…^ said:
4) a “trick” like the one used by TMBTM in his War of the Stars II - where the frames have big shades of one or two colors - of which the following is the best one - I can see the point of his choice, and it worked pretty well in a way; still prefer less-than-perfect recolors, though!

To be honest, I strongly prefer the 4th option. Moreso than the other options, it comes across as a “deliberate creative” stylistic decision. 😉

3 inescapably looks like B&W footage that was computer colorized, and I have suspicions that 2 would as well to a lesser extent. 4 is so radical that you can almost buy the filmmakers intended it to be that way. Grade the hues just a tad more subtly, and I think you’ve got yourself a scene!

Not only that… even Han’s “girlfriend” and Chewie “nice muzzle” is a nice shot. I think this is the only piece worth of recolor in the whole cantina scene - not that because the rest in uninmportant, but because it will take SO LONG and SO MUCH WORK to restore colors, and result will be always not so good 😦

Glad to hear that part of the cantina scene will be restored. Should be cool.

Again, choosing your battles wisely, those seem like good sections to colorize. I might also advocate for using a colorized original arm shot instead of Adywan’s for authenticity, but this comes down to your judgment.