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The Aluminum Falcon
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Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?
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8-Jan-2017, 12:01 PM

Ronster said:

  1. Bor Gullet was originally conceived to delve in to Jyn’s past not to find out if Bodhi Rook was telling the truth. From Concept art book.

Didn’t know. Appended my post to fit.

I still don’t believe that tie fighter on the gantry was ever a marketing shot. It was like that before they developed the Tie-Strikers no doubt. I don’t see the point in lying about it. It’s actually a fairly small thing although it was visually superior in the trailer. My gut feeling tells me Jyn had a mexican stand off with that Tie Fighter and shot the pilot through the glass with her blaster. That’s my speculation on it.

Sorry, but there’s really nothing to substantiate that and the official word has been consistent about straight-up admitting that it was a marketing ploy. Also don’t believe there’s a conspiracy at play. If anything, the official line makes Disney look worse than your speculation.

The only possible lie I could buy would be that the happy ending was never filmed; if it were actually filmed then scrapped, the official line that Disney was steadfast in supporting their deaths does make the Mouse House seem better/more artistically supportive.