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Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?
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8-Jan-2017, 7:37 AM
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The Aluminum Falcon said:

  1. The beginning with the added introductory sequences to Jyn, Cassian, and Bohdi; it originally cut from the flashback to the briefing sequence, which, as per the original teaser, had more explicit verbal exposition of Jyn’s character which became redundant when she was given an action-packed introduction. K2-SO was also introduced further down the line, as seen in an early trailer: “The Captain says you are a friend.”

  2. Saw’s stuff was retooled with Saw now having a different appearance. It’s possible Bor Gullet was added (not sure either way). But, predominantly, this was because Jyn’s character arc may have been changed in reshoots (more on that down below). Note how his prevailing message in the teaser is negative towards Jyn pursuing rebellion: “What will you become if you continue to fight?” instead of the completely opposite positive message in the finished film actually encouraging Jyn to join the rebellion’s cause: “Save the rebellion. Save the dream.”

  3. The heist of the Death Star plans was heavily truncated in order to avoid bloating the third act when the space battle was heavily expanded. This included such simplifications as making the archive and the transmitter in the same building on Jedha. You can see the original transmitter building (to where the crew was running) in some shots in the trailer. Most definitely reshot was the confrontation between Jyn and Krennic (possibly happened on the beach originally); the effects get ropey enough that it seems they were composited in.

This all does not discount alternate shots, also confirmed by the official narrative (particularly Ben Mendhelson’s interview about lots of alternate takes), which can be chalked up to Gareth Edward’s knack for experimentation. They’d play a scene radically different ways (eg. Krennic pulling a blaster to Tarkin’s face) and pick the best result.

  1. With Regard to K2-SO that line “The Captain says you are a friend I will not Kill you” Could just as easily replace the Comedy Grenade toss over the shoulder… So if you look at the Background it clearly changes so it is a different set on the K2-S0 grenade toss it could be that is simply the insert. And K2-SO was meant to come to the city?

But that does not help explain Jyn and cassian being arrested for real by the storm troopers. So perhaps there are quite a few alternatives

  1. Bor Gullet was originally conceived to delve in to Jyn’s past not to find out if Bodhi Rook was telling the truth. From Concept art book.

  2. Yeah I think heavily truncated and paired down with cut’s (The Vault, Krennic on the beach) softened and plot alterations. Another shot to pay attention to is the Death troopers deaparting their transport. It looks off. Considering the original cut used modified cargo containers for these type of shots I would guess that is a digital insert. The death troopers would have departed with Krennic.

I still don’t believe that tie fighter on the gantry was ever a marketing shot. It was like that before they developed the Tie-Strikers no doubt. I don’t see the point in lying about it. It’s actually a fairly small thing although it was visually superior in the trailer. My gut feeling tells me Jyn had a mexican stand off with that Tie Fighter and shot the pilot through the glass with her blaster. That’s my speculation on it.