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The Aluminum Falcon
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Everybody's Top Ten Favorite Movies
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7-Jan-2017, 7:36 PM
  1. The Third Man (1949) dir. by Carol Reed
  2. Touch of Evil (1958) dir. by Orson Welles
  3. Vertigo (1958) dir. by Alfred Hitchcock
  4. Notorious (1946) dir. by Alfred Hitchcock
  5. Citizen Kane (1941) dir. by Orson Welles
  6. Before Sunrise (1995) dir. by Richard Linklater
  7. The Bad Sleep Well (1960) dir. by Akira Kurosawa
  8. Once Upon a Time in America (1984) dir. by Sergio Leone
  9. The Terminator (1984) dir. by James Cameron
  10. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) dir. by Irvin Kershner