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Help: looking for... star wars ITV broadcast version
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28-Apr-2005, 8:24 PM
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8-Jul-2020, 11:20 AM
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hey all,

i’m kind of new to this and have had a good look round without joy in finding any information about this.

i grew up watching, probably several hundred times, a VHS of star wars i recorded from ITV in the UK in about 1982. i went to see the special editions in 1997 and was quite … unsettled by the new additions and also the differences in aunt beru’s voice, the radio voices in the death star attack etc. i got over it, until recently i borrowed the recent official dvds from a friend and these differences stuck out to me again. then i got to thinking that this might mean i will not be able to see the version of the film i know and love in the future. so my question is - is there any available version of the film with this mono version of the soundtrack?

as i said it featured a different voice for aunt beru, it had the stormtrooper line ‘close the blast doors, close the blast doors’ which was one of my favourite bits as a kid and has now been re-recorded (?), the c3po speech about the tractor beam was in and the radio chatter through the death star battle sounded like radio chatter, rather than the strange flanged effect we have now. there were also other little differences, but i think they are all to do with the audio.

any light from anyone?