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Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
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27-Apr-2005, 3:37 PM
Originally posted by: ricarleite
Originally posted by: Darth Chaltab
What is that? I've heard about it a lot, and saw it a few times on SciFi, but it just seemed to be some old asian terrible dubbed disaster film.

It's the only TV show worth watching. Or should I say, was...

Joel Robinson (later Mike Nelson), and the bots Crow and Servo are trapped in a spaceship orbiting the Earth. Dr. Forrester and TV Frank (later Pearl) show them bad, bad movies to make them go insane. They talk during the films, making hilarious comments thru it.

Living in the UK i watched this on ITV late one night, strangely enough it was listed as a 2 hour tv movie & not a series....

i was explaining the synopsis to one of my friends the other day & couldnt remember what it was called so thank you very much for jogging my memory