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Requesting invites to private torrent sites (i.e. Myspleen)
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28-Dec-2016, 5:25 AM
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13-Apr-2020, 8:09 PM
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Myspleen (a private torrent site) are not currently issuing invites to their site - and haven’t done so for some time.

No-one here is affiliated with Myspleen, we have nothing to do with Myspleen, we are as much in the dark about this as you - and so we cannot help you with invites or other info.

So please ** DO NOT MAKE A POST ASKING FOR A MYSPLEEN INVITE ** - thank you (we’ve already had hundreds of posts about this - and members’ patience on here is understandably wearing thin).

Any invite requests posted in threads on here will be deleted.

Myspleen does have it’s own forum, here -

The above link to the MySpleen forum is also useful for finding out if / why the the site itself may be down or not - or for resetting forgotten passwords and other account queries etc. Again, do not ask for help re forgotten passwords or account info on here - we have nothing to do with the running of MySpleen - and so cannot help you.


It may be worth be trying some of the other Fan Edit sites around online - info for some of them can be found here - link

Public torrent sites - and also other private torrent sites - may just have that elusive Fan Edit or project too.

Online search engines are also useful for this - especially as some projects / edits have their own website / blog / social media page too.



We’ve noticed recently that project threads are becoming cluttered with requests for Myspleen invites, which adds no value to the thread content and dilutes genuine project discussion. On a trial basis, I’ve reopened the invite request thread in off-topic, where requests should be posted from now on:

Any invite requests posted in other threads will be deleted.

In addition, publicly announcing that you have sent a PM is pointless. An update to a private topic is indicated to participants by way of the icon in the top right of the screen.