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16mm Cartoon & WWII News Reel Restorations
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27-Dec-2016, 3:09 PM

slumberdore said:

Could you upload the raw scans someplace like MEGA? I just can’t stand YouTube compression.

Maybe at some point but not anytime soon. I should also point out that the video files that were uploaded to YouTube had already been converted to .mp4 before upload due to my limited bandwidth around here. 😕 Sadly it’s the best I can do for now. On a more positive note I updated the titles of each YouTube video to represent what was on the film reels.

SKot said:

I don’t suppose you wound up with any Felix the Cat in there?

See my separate thread on this for details on the missing Felix films…


Good news there. I went through all the film reels I have and did come across this little gem.

Felix the cat film reel

I’m not sure what I’m looking for but this is what the start of the film looks like. Not sure how that helps.

Felix the cat film reel

Sadly you can see the start of the film is gone. 😦

Just to give you guys some idea of what I’m working with, here are photos of all the stuff I haven’t had scanned yet.


In super bad news the two film reels posted earlier in the thread that had Mickey Mouse and Little Orphan Annie on them ended up being raccoon and bobcat trapping films. 😦