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Idea & Info: using Star Wars DVD and PDA/Smartphones to help educate...
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25-Apr-2005, 8:38 PM
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2-Jul-2020, 8:45 AM
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I know this may be off topic, but I wanted to share with everyone of a good tool to use when discussing SW. I ripped Wookie Split Screen into small avi files (using xvid codec) to be viewed on my Treo 650. I have a SD 1 GB card and I can fit all of these movies on it (each movie ends up being about 230MB).

I get into discussions with people all the time that believe the changes for the SE in ANH, ESB, or ROTJ are minor. So now, after arguing with them for a few minutes, I get out my Treo and play them one of the versions of the split-screen and then they get real quiet. Then when they are done watching a scene or two, they usually are in awe of 1) that my phone can play movies and 2) (and more importantly) once seeing the vast differences in a lot of the scenes (that I have bookmarked), they usually tend to agree that I was right about the changes being unnecessary.

Also, it will be great to stand in line for Episode 3 and have my Treo in hand, watching the previous SW movies. It sure will make waiting in line this year a lot more fun.

Thanks Rik for putting these in my hands, Wookie Groomer for making this great set, and to all of you that contribute in preserving the SW universe. I have most of the discs here that you guys talk/made. They really have brought a lot of joy and entertainment to me and my friends. Time to go back and lurk but keep up the AWESOME work. Thanks again.