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Recommendations for Legends (old EU) books, comics, etc.
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23-Dec-2016, 10:29 AM

ZkinandBonez said:

Wexter said:

The X-Wing series is my favourite along with Shadows of the Empire.

Are those books connected to the Rogue Squadron comics in any way? I see that Stackpole was a writer on both.

Also, do you know if these books connect to the Hand of Thrawn books? Wedge appears in a few chapters and he’s accompanied by some other pilots whose names I don’t recognize. One of them has Force abilities. It’s obvious that they originate from some other books, I just don’t know which ones exactly.

Not connected to the comics, IIRC. I think Stackpole and Zahn were friends and they kept referencing each others’ ideas in their works. The characters you refer to indeed come from Stackpole’s books.