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Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?
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23-Dec-2016, 3:42 AM
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Seeing Shot’s of Jyn in a cell on Yavin leads me to believe of an alternate configuration to the film again speculation but the Jigsaw puzzle and connecting the dot’s a bit better.

This was at one time a possible configuration.

Opening Crawl
Death Star Dish is fitted (True opening to the film Wow Factor shot)
Krennic bumps in to Vader on the Star Destroyer with Tarkin “The power we are dealing with here is immeasurable”
(Yavin IV) Jyn in a cell (Flashback to Galen on Lahmu)
Cassian (Planet X) Ring of Kafene
Yavin IV Reveal as Cassian’s ship returns home
Jyn Marched out in Shackles
Received an Imperial Coded transmission Mon Mothmna Bail talk with Jyn a mission is Launched
Bail and Dodonna in the Hanger talk to a large group of Pilots
Jyn Cassian and a squad of x-wings go to Jedha. (Zal Dinnes)
Jyn’s Flash back to a younger version Saw (prior to Geonosis injuries) Not Coruscant or mention of Stardust
Bodhi Rook defects - Now when we see “Saw” in the present day we are shocked how much he has changed from when we have just seen him in Jyn’s flashback

This totally does away with the need for place names of the Planets and would be told in a traditional Star Wars style.

Now so far as the squad of x-wings going to Jedha goes I think it’s a small skirmish but more than likely a diversion so that Cassian and Jyn and K2-SO can land without being spotted and remain in secret. As how would the Rebel pilots be marched through the streets so It was a diversion and then a surrender possibly.

If you look at the new locations Featurette here you can clearly see Jyn and Cassian go with the pilgrims to Jedha city with the Jedha Camels.

There is also the ominous shot of the storm trooper on the cliff that spot’s something through his binoculars. So between the time Jyn and cassian make it to Jedha city the x-wing squadron or what is left of them have surrendered and are being carted off by the storm troopers. I also feel this is where the probe droid might feature a bit more heavily as it’s possible Jyn and Cassian were tracked by a probe droid on their trip to Jedha with the pilgrims after the Storm Trooper spot’s them.

This then would lead to an expanded version of being in Jedha city the minor theme of the Bounty hunter tracking Dr Evanzan and our introduction to the decraniated. Then the Tank battle ensues.

Jyn and Cassian are arrested (No K2-SO) Baze and chirrut free them but then Saws men capture them all.

Resume film with a few extra scenes of the Partisans fleeing the destruction on Jedha and expanded scenes in Saw’s Base.
Saw is disuasive to Jyn to carry on Fighting and recounts a story of a Demon and why he is in the poor state of Health he is in…Possibly delving into the Geonosis story that is if there is any truth to these rumors. Cue Flash Back to Geonosis and then BOOM!