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The Phantom Star Wars Fan
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21-Dec-2016, 12:50 AM

ZkinandBonez said:

And leaving your own baseline is a very rare thing.

I feel like I’ve kind of done that. I was born in '89 and grew up on LucasArts games and Bantam paperbacks, but after movies stopped coming out in '05 I became a lot more passive in my fandom, largely because I wasn’t wild about the direction the EU took after jumping back to Del Rey. For six or seven years my relationship with Star Wars consisted of just watching the OT once or twice a year and maybe firing up an old computer game once in a blue moon, but then in college I got back into it in a big way, and when the Disney buyout and subsequent reboot were announced, I resolved to follow as much of it as I could, because I’d always felt I missed out on ever keeping up with the Dark Horse comics just because of when I was born. At this point, I’m as invested in the current iteration of Star Wars as I was in the 90s version. I’ve got a major soft spot the Legends stuff I grew up with, but I’m fine with the fact that it’s over and it doesn’t interfere at all with my ability to embrace current material.