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The Phantom Star Wars Fan
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20-Dec-2016, 6:39 PM
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Not my fault Lucas sold the franchise down the river. Star Wars is like a novel that’s really great for 200 pages, and then nosedives into unreadable trash for the remaining 500 pages.

That’s not true. The 200 pages you liked are all contained within one story with a beginning and an ending. If you don’t like the other books, then forget about them and just enjoy what you like.

I’ll give you an example. I’m perfectly content to pretend the prequels and sequel were never made for instance. Over the course of years I developed ideas about the backstories from the OT, such as why Vader and the Emperor never found Yoda, or what was Anakin like when he was younger. The richness and meaning of great stories is that they are not comprehensive and didactic, but rather they give us the important outlines and allow us the experience of filling in the blanks from within our own souls. At least from my point of view.

Now, someone else on the other hand might have a different type of personality. They may get off on the EU and prequel stuff. They may possess an insatiable appetite for having more and more detail dictated to them. They may never tire of it. I feel like I enjoy quality over quantity and would rather find the hidden layers in well-told stories, whereas other people might be obsessed with gorging out on ever more product. I’ve learned to just let these people do their thing and hopefully they will feel the same towards someone like me. I’ll read my 200 page book and if they want to demand 5,000 more pages of encyclopedia-like definition to a made-up world, then so be it. Doesn’t affect me, because I know in a hundred years, those stories will probably not be remembered or be preserved, but the classics I enjoy will be.