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Swift S. Lawliet
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Info Wanted: Best Available Captures of Definitive Collection LaserDisc Extras?
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14-Dec-2016, 8:16 PM
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14-Dec-2016, 8:21 PM
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Swift S. Lawliet
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Jetrell Fo said:

Is the Dr. Gonzo bonus disc good enough or not?

The Dr. Gonzo material is MORE than fine for your needs. I have done my own rips of some VHS documentaries like From Star Wars to Jedi (1983 and 1990 VHS releases) and the Making of Star Wars doco from 1995.

Good luck on your project.

Great. Thanks for the info.

I just need Dr. Gonzo’s Japanese LaserDisc capture of From Star Wars to Jedi but without hardcoded Japanese subtitles.

Maybe you can do a DeSub using said Japanese LaserDisc capture, AviSynth and maybe your VHS rips.

spoRv did a really great tutorial and AviSynth script on this. It can be found here:

I can’t do it myself since my laptop is very weak for editing SD video, let alone HD video.