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Swift S. Lawliet
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Info Wanted: Best Available Captures of Definitive Collection LaserDisc Extras?
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14-Dec-2016, 7:51 AM
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5-Jul-2020, 10:40 AM
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Can anyone help me on the info on which are the best versions of them available?

I am planning to make my own Despecialized Edition DVD set with all of the bonus features on the Definitive Collection LaserDisc box set plus From Star Wars to Jedi as I am also basing this on the UK Executor VHS box set.

I am not sure if I will actually put it up or not because I am a beginner in DVD authoring and I am just compiling the sources.

I already have Making of Star Wars, SP FX - The Empire Strikes Back and Classic Creatures from the 2011 Blu-ray but unfortunately, many other bonus features are only on the LaserDisc box set and the UK Executor VHS box set.

And I have all of the materials I need for the actual movies save for some audio tracks.

I only need the bonus features since I already have the Despecialized Editions.

Is the Dr. Gonzo bonus disc good enough or not? Does it have all the trailers and are the “scope” trailers anamorphic widescreen?

I just need to know which LaserDisc capture is the best LaserDisc capture and I can hunt for that version on the Spleen.

But please, I don’t know how altbin works so please keep it on the Spleen.

The only real request I have (alongside the P.S blurb in the bottom) is the Japanese LaserDisc of From Star Wars to Jedi but without the hardcoded Japanese subtitles.

I could’ve done this easily if I knew how AviSynth works and if my PC is strong enough. But unfortunately, my laptop is very underpowered and it would shut down on it’s own for heavy video encoding jobs.

Anyways, spoRv did a really great tutorial and AviSynth script for masking hardcoded subtitles.

P.S: I am looking for the 1985 mix of Star Wars and the 1993 mixes of the entire Original Trilogy, I am also looking for the 1993 audio commentary of The Empire Strikes Back since that one is the only one I don’t have.

And I can’t download the MKVs for the Despecialized Edition since my hard drive is nearly full and it would be a waste of ratio just for the audio.

I downloaded the AVCHD releases just for some of the audio files and that was already too much. And even then, the audio commentary on The Empire Strikes Back is of a ridiculously low bitrate in comparison to the other commentaries on AVCHD so I didn’t even bother.

I also need the DTS 5.1 cores of each movie from their DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio tracks from the MKV releases.

Again, I just need the lossy DTS 5.1 core and not the full lossless audio.

Please, just post these audio files as MKAs on the Spleen.

P.P.S: I also need some logos to make my DVDs look more legit. They should be VOB and made ready for DVD.

First, I need a custom Warning screen for the Despecialized Editions but it must look like it came from a legit DVD as much as possible even though the blurb is the same as in the other DVD covers. I also need the Harmy Film Restoration logo for this.

Second, I need the THX Broadway logo similar to the ones on the official Star Wars DVDs, the Indiana Jones DVDs. and the Pixar DVDs.

Third, I need two company logos, the first one is the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo, it has to be the international 1999 version and it has to be NTSC, most I saw online is in PAL, I think I saw the NTSC version on the Japanese LaserDisc of The Phantom Menace, the Southeast Asian DVDs of The Simpsons Movie, the Filipino VCD of The Phantom Menace and the Hong Kong VCD of The Sound of Music but it should be on most Asian Fox DVDs, particularly, in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

I also need the Special Widescreen Edition version of the CBS/FOX Video logo, I think a DVD quality version exists on the Bruce Lee Master Collection DVD box set.

More info on 20th Century Fox logos here:

Thanks in advance.