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What Makes A "Real" Star Wars Fan?
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13-Dec-2016, 6:01 PM

Like the rest of you, I love Star Wars. I have always been a fan since childhood. There has been a question that I never had a chance to ask. What makes a real Star Wars fan? A lot of fans, like yourselves, hate the prequels, and the Special Editions. This is where our differences come in. I have to be honest. I like the prequels, and I don’t mind most of the Special Edition changes. Despite a few problems for both, there isn’t enough for me to dislike them. The way I see it, Star Wars is Star Wars no matter what. My favorite in the Saga is not the obvious one, that being “The Empire Strikes Back.” That title goes to “Return of the Jedi.” I know that the majority of Star Wars fans are on the more negative side of these topics, but what category of “fan” am I part of? I was always silent about my opinion for Star Wars. I’m constantly worried that other people (whether they are in person, or online) will accuse me of not being a “true” Star Wars fan. I’m literally falling apart with this problem, and I don’t know what to do as a someone surrounded by more traditional fans. I don’t even know what kind of Star Wars fan I am anymore. It’s like you have to a Star Wars fan one way, or not be a fan at all. It would mean the world to me if you can shed some light on this situation.