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Info Wanted: SW--A New Hope (status/use of original audio master tapes)
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9-Dec-2016, 8:50 PM

I’m curious as to the status of the original audio master tapes used for ANH.
On another SW forum it was suggested that the orig tapes were digitized in early 90s (??).

Not sure if these digitized copies of the orig. master tapes have made it into the various fan-based restoration efforts (e.g., 4k77 and Legacy Edition). I have my doubts about that 😉

Of ALL the video released (including Special Edition BluRay and DVD), I liked the sound of the LaserDisc and Hi-Fi tapes released in the early/mid 1990s …
The Special Edition version (BluRay, DVD) are too loud and EQ’d for my taste.

I know that the 2006 DVD bonus disc (with the non-SE versions) used the same audio as the LDs from the 90s. But the LDs, IMO, are better because they feature UNCOMPRESSED PCM digital sound; not lossy like DVD versions.