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8-Dec-2016, 11:55 AM

thejediknighthusezni said:
The nastiest and most viralantly racist people I know are the ones who run around shrieking about those evil whites.

It’s worse with the muslims (Webwster-Merium dictionary - “muslim: an adherent of Islam”; “islam: Arabic islām submission”; “jihad: a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty”).

American Thinker - Why the media don’t want to talk about Muslim support for 9/11 wrote:
The media jumped on Donald Trump for saying that some Muslims cheered 9/11 in New Jersey, attempting to rewrite history to their liking, 1984 style. … It is curious, when the media take on this question, that they carefully skirt the larger issue: did many Muslims in general, worldwide, celebrate the 9/11 terrorist attack? The media did not examine this question because there is a lot of evidence that yes, in fact, many Muslims celebrated all over the world.

Little wonder that the NPR reporter Asma Khalid, who’s ideology mandates her to cold-blooded mass murder, meets suspicion and resistance from the intended targets … everyone else. And if she (and others like her) doesn’t believe or approve of jihad and islam, then get out of that muslim organization. Oh, but wait, there’s that little issue of anyone leaving islam also gets to be murdered. Hmmm … telling.