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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)
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5-Dec-2016, 2:15 AM
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^…^ said:

Now I think I have almost all deleted scenes, shots, pieces, needed to start the project; need a new computer, though, because I can’t wait months just for rendering time!


  • Episode 6 - different take of R2 and 3PO entering Jabba’s palace

Test clip - taken from a BD documentary - * 30s, 37.9s (download link valid until 2017-02-02)
(left the russian audio, just to be the clip werdiert than usual!)

Yeah that I think works. And Un-trimming of sequences would essentially be I think the way to go with the odd deleted scene put in there from time to time. Not against having fun but I think the Menu material generally has a totally different feel to the original camera work unless you do complicated uses of it or partial uses of it.

RE: R2-D2 lifting up yeah the writing is no good but if you wanted to extend the shot you would have to somehow merge the 2 shots without the writing. Perhaps it is useless personally I never tried it before but I knew there was extra footage there.

You need to check the Van Ling (cantina music) Credits bloopers also and the blooper reel too for extra material.

You have not listed all the material from the ESB trailers yet. You have missed a bunch of shots off your list from that still.