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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)
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4-Dec-2016, 5:05 PM

benduwan said:
will this version 4?

Maybe, who knows? 😄

Ronster said:
But you understand I pointed out that the shot where R2-D2 lifts himself up to yoda’s hut was the only bit of deleted footage?

Understood. But actually IT was in the movie (around 54:30); I made a quick comparison between the movie and the overlaid DVD menu: - as you can see, this part of the shot is useless, because is smaller, and full of writings that could not be deleted perfectly; if you are talking about R2 that is “walking” around Yoda’s house (and it’s clearly impossible he will reach the window from that point, in the movie), yes, this is not in the movie, but it’s a recreation, so, if it’s “accepted”, any other part could be, as well. I mean, if GL made 4 different versions of his OT, why we, making a fan edit, are not allowed to use unortodox sources? I remember there is at least a SW edit where Padmé is alive, and her clip is taken from another movie… it’s canon? No! But it works, so… let’s have fun! 😄

I don’t mind the menu shot but I would not dream of using that personally. It feels weird.

If you talk about the one with Darth Vader and Luke duel on the bridge, yes, I agree, it was just a test clip, I had fun making it, understood something new, and, apart a nice (IMHO) intro, it will be useless in this project perspective. But, for example, the other shot, where Luke meets his father, with a 3D zoom in, is nice and, to me, doesn’t seem out of place, in comparison to the original static shot (repeated some frames after it); it’s a bit of “fresh air”, and, again, in comparison with bad CGI (EP4 Jabba) or bad practical effects (Taun Taun), it’s better. My 2c, as usual, as much it could worth.

Now, to let this project be open for future variations/versions etc., I think it could be better to render full screen scenes (4:3 and 16:9 SD) to be full screen 16:9 1920x1080; then, they could be cropped to have the same 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the movie, or left untouched, and get a variable aspect ratio version - like The Dark Knight, for example… sooo, the final versions * could * be:

  1. Best quality color scenes only, image cleaned and upscaled to 1080p 2.35:1, audio restored, using alternate takes where available
  2. All the previous, plus others with lower quality (including b&w), partially unfinished effects and/or missing audio, with fullscreen where available.

Probably the best path to follow is to make the second, and then try to clean as much scenes as possible, and use them to make the first.

Now I think I have almost all deleted scenes, shots, pieces, needed to start the project; need a new computer, though, because I can’t wait months just for rendering time!


  • Episode 6 - different take of R2 and 3PO entering Jabba’s palace

Test clip - taken from a BD documentary - * 30s, 37.9s (download link valid until 2017-02-02)
(left the russian audio, just to be the clip werdiert than usual!)