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Spaced Ranger
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The Ultimate Super Resolution Technique
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1-Dec-2016, 1:46 PM

poita said:
I’ll whip up a quick example for a scene I have multiple prints of.

About that before/after demonstration … S T U N N I N G! I knew of this technique (from motion-compensated temporal “frame stacking” – but with the downside of noticeable temporal “grain crawl” at too-wide a range) but never thought to apply it in your manner (for multiple-source frame stacking). Absolutely stunning.

Even still, the blue layer always seems to be the worst hit …

Would any pre-processing (maybe some temporal stacking) help on the worse layer(s), while not negating the source stacking effectiveness?


NeverarGreat said:
In this example, there are only about 6 dye cloud centers, meaning that only 6 pixels are assigned values. With enough sources, the entire pixel grid can be filled in. … I’m the 1% inspiration guy …

That is excellent (and I love your visualizations)! The interesting thing is that this approach also might be useful in things like up-rez via vector reconstruction (must hit the math books for that one) or sharpening via vector calculus boundary redistribution (more math books).