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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)
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29-Nov-2016, 7:08 AM

^…^ said:

Thanks to everyone; any advice is appreciated!


  • DVD extended scene 4 “The Air Taxi sequence” was actually inserted in the DVD (HDTV/BD) and so I thought it’s useless, BUT… there are few seconds more at the end… what if I take the following shot from LD (which is the non-faded version of the one found on DVD etc.) and attach it at the end? I will “gain” two or three seconds… not much, but, following the mission of this project, it could work! Test clip (download link will expire on 2017-01-27): - just a rough cut, LD is just simply upscaled and not cleaned at all, done just to see if it could work; it seems so! ** OPINIONS, OPINIONS! **
  • now I have an LD shot, unused, that was on the theatrical cut only; OK, only 4 seconds included the wipe, but it’s still a nice shot: (download link will expire on 2017-01-27) - rough, first part of the wipe could obviously be replaced with the needed one; music missing. ** SHOULD I PUT IN THIS, TOO? **
  • first post updated with these, and previous, clips and info

put in,put in,all what you find.
i like to see all of the missing scenes.i don´t care the quality.