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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)
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28-Nov-2016, 2:07 PM

The BD has better quality, and it will be used as main source; others only if/when needed; even if it’s true that OT scenes are “rough” and would stay better with the theatrical version, this project aims to incorporate as many scenes as possible, so I’ll use BD version as main source - it’s a fan edit, after all, not a preservation… still don’t know how good the final result could be; maybe it will lead the project to be split in two, one with the best possible quality (so it’s implicit some scenes will be discarded), and the other with all the scenes… “the more, the merrier” (^^,)


  • EP1 DVD deleted scenes clean and upscale task is almost done - just extended pod race grid should be encoded.
  • Tested EP2 shot present in the teaser #3, incorporated into the proper scene; video is cleaned, upscaled, and a rough color correction is done; audio is “surrondized” to be 5.1, but, apart this, is untouched (needs correction, though); test clip: (download link valid until 2017-01-26) - I think that, once properly corrected, it * may * work! *** OPINIONS NEEDED! ***