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The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints
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26-Nov-2016, 5:35 AM
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26-Nov-2016, 5:36 AM
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RU.08 said:

suFami said:

I’m curious, why aren’t you scanning this unfaded print instead of the red faded Kodak print?

I’m pretty sure poita said the owner won’t allow it to be scanned - but it is available for viewing. 😃 By the look of this German print scan though all the picture information is there to be dug out which is terrific news!

That is correct, I’m allowed to view the ‘Australian Print’ but not allowed to scan it.
If someone has $40K, I can take a scanner with me to QLD and scan it at his place, but short of that, it won’t happen.

I got a weird message from a user I won’t name saying that he/she was calling BS on this scan, that it was clearly just the GOUT with noise added, and that it couldn’t have been stabilised to sprockets otherwise there would be blurring between frames, that all prints are now faded and a whole bunch of other ‘proofs’ that I haven’t scanned an ESB reel.

I normally don’t respond to that kind of thing, but to stop any speculation, here is Reel1 of the UK print with sprockets, soundtrack and audio. I’ve boosted the gamma a lot to let everyone see more shadow detail. The colours are still off of course, but it should sink any speculation that it is some kind of manipulated GOUT. You will also be able to judge for yourself whether the sprocket stabilisation is done well or not, as you will see them on the left hand side of the scan.

The old links are now gone, I only have limited upload space, this one will be up for around a week.
I’d be really happy for any feedback re missing or damaged frames, there is timecode on the file, so you can reference a frame and I will know exactly which one you mean.

The only issue with this reel is I was playing with dirt cleanup where the probe emerges from the crater, so that small sequence has been cleaned up more than it would be in the actual archived version. I inadvertently had that sequence in this encode.

To answer other questions, yes we can capture the Deutsch stereo optical audio once I can get the reels cleaned. Yes, the English Audio should also be able to be captured, and if these two prints are done, it means we have 3 in total, so we should be pretty much right with not having to recreate data from any given frames.

There is no timeframe on getting the rest cleaned and scanned, the cost is around $150-$200 per reel for cleaning alone, plus shipping etc. Film is so damn heavy and annoying to ship. It seems amazing now that prints were ever shipped constantly all around the world.

I will be offline until Tuesday next week, I am travelling to Sydney on family business, so feel free to ask questions, but you won’t see answers from me for a few days 😃