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Spaced Ranger
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THX Italian 35mm - Feedback thread
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24-Nov-2016, 10:02 PM

Doing this section, I noticed that when the 35mm-Italian substituted their Italian text graphics, they did not fully cover the original graphics frame-count. In this instance, which I noticed (difficult because the scan levels vary between the two films), they let the original “blank screen” continue for many frames before inserting their graphics; same thing when the original graphics stopped – they eventually stop their graphics and let the original’s blank screen continue into the next shot. My guess is happens all the time – so be on the look-out for it in all my previous (and probably wrong) divisions when the inserted Italian graphics are involved.

BTW, the forum’s table structure programming is being worked on. Just bear with it however it displays. 😃

This new section:

sync 35mm to 16mm - as 2 parallel streams matching where they can
10th 1000+ frames
[note: each 1000-frame section begins exactly on the new shot and ends on the completed final shot]

35mm frames description
89890-95926 match @ insides_missing
95927-95930 begin original LUH_location_readout
95931-96180 begin 35mm-Italian LUH_location_readout
96181-96212 ending original LUH_location_readout
. 00000-00288 spacer for 16mm-English LUH_location_readout
96213-101000 match @ THX_looking
(end of shot = 100084)
16mm frames description
91497-97533 match @ insides_missing
. 00000-00003 spacer for segment LUH_Lacation_readout
. 00000-00249 spacer for 35mm-Italian LUH_Lacation_readout
. 00000-00031 spacer for segment LUH_Lacation_readout
97534-102000 match @ THX_looking
(end of shot = 101694)