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Spaced Ranger
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Info: 'Forbidden Planet' - 16mm Scope print for sale on eBay
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24-Nov-2016, 4:55 PM

I didn’t think it’d be this wide, but …

green border = Blu-ray
yellow border = expanded 16mm

Too bad I couldn’t find a laserdisc letterbox cap of this, which I’d estimate would be somewhere in between these two.


BTW, in my search, I came across this title of a YouTube video:

FORBIDDEN PLANET - Capt Adams gets nude Altaira then burns her best cat friend alive!.HD

Must be a different Forbidden Planet


AND, could this be a long lost concept picture of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek?

AR15 Forum - Forbidden Planet:

Star Trek owes a hell of a lot to this movie. There are more than a few similarities