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The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints (a WIP)
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22-Nov-2016, 4:53 PM

It’s great to see so many people interested in colour grading.
Looking at some of the examples being posted I’m wondering if people are calibrating their screens. I’d recommend grabbing a cheap colormunki or i1 probe at a minimum, there isn’t a lot of use colour correcting if your screen is adding a blue tint in the shadows, and a green tint in the highlights for example.
Other than having a bit of fun, correcting the video I posted would be an exercise in frustration, as it is pretty crushed. If people want to keep playing, I’ll post a non-crushed (but still colour terrible!) version that has more range to play with.

I haven’t the funds to get the rest of the reels cleaned yet, or even shipped, so Reel1 will be the playground for a while.