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Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *
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Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database * - Updated: 2016-12-04 23:10 CET

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

  • Anakin’s Return DFR/BD (00:15:23) -> Naboo (partially unfinished) ***
    After destroying the Droid Control Ship, young Anakin returns his “borrowed” Naboo starfighter to a group of incredulous pilots.
  • Anakin’s Scuffle with Greedo DFR/DVD (00:51) (finished) *****
    Qui-Gon breaks up a fight between Anakin and Greedo. This was due to follow the podrace, to show Anakin’s potential for aggression, but George Lucas cut it because he wanted Anakin to be shown as a genuinely good character who turns evil later in adulthood.
  • Bail Organa of Alderaan DFR/BD (00:17:02) -> Coruscant (almost finished) ***
    Adrian Dunbar was cast as Bail Organa for this brief appearance in Episode I. After the role was cut, the role was recast in Episode II with Jimmy Smits as Bail.
  • Battle on the Boarding Ramp DFR/BD (00:17:15) -> Tatooine (mostly unfinished) *
    Qui-Gon Jinn’s escape from Darth Maul on Tatooine was not as easy in this first iteration, which has the duel continue aboard the fleeing Naboo starship.
  • Complete Podrace Grid Sequence DFR/DVD (06:45) (finished) *****
    The complete podrace grid sequence includes characters cut from the final version of Episode I.
  • Dawn Before the Race DVD (01:05) (finished) *****
    Anakin gets up early to prepare the pod for the race and has a brief chat with Padmé.
  • Extended Podrace Lap 2 DFR/DVD (03:48) (finished) *****
    In the extended version of Lap Two of the podrace, watch salvage droids clean up a podracer wreck, Teemo get hit in the face with a bug and Tusken Raiders shooting at Jawas
  • Extended Podrace Wager BD (01:21:19) -> Tatooine (mostly unfinished) ***
  • Farewell to Jira DVD (00:59) (finished) *****
    After saying farewell to Jira and giving her some credits, Qui-Gon and Anakin break into a run after Qui-Gon destroys one of Darth Maul’s probe droids following them, thus explaining why they are running to the ship in the original version.
  • The Air Taxi Sequence DVD (01:03) (finished) *****
    The taxi ride shows us about ten more seconds of Coruscant
  • The Battle is Over BD (00:18:10) -> Naboo (partially unfinished)
  • The Podrace: Theatrical Edit DFR (12) (should be finished)
    The original theatrical edit of the Episode I Podrace.
  • The Waterfall Sequence DFR/DVD (01:45) (finished) *****
    Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jar Jar need to act fast when their inoperable bongo starts to go over a waterfall.
  • Qui-gon grabs Jar-Jar’s tongue Bloopers reel on DVD (00:17) ****
    A different take of the shot included in the movie; but here, at the end, Qui-gon, Jar-Jar, Anakin and Padmé laugh; nice little addition, I think!
  • Numerous shots were cut from the Battle of Naboo, including the lightsaber duel in the Theed Generator Complex. (Many of these can be briefly seen during some of the DVD documentaries.)
  • Rotating Naboo N-1 fighter (00:01:11) Teaser Trailer *****
    Just 1.5s long, still its quality is perfect!
  • Extended duel “One Destiny” TV Spot / TV Special (00:06) ***½
    Dart Maul Vs. Obi Wan and Qui Gon; more shots are found elsewhere
  • Jar Jar Juggling Documentary (?) (00:05) ***½
    Brief shot where Jar Jar stumbles, thrown things in the air but manages to resume them on the fly

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

  • Anakin and Padme on Trial DVD (finished) *****
    Padmé and Anakin are put on trial by Poggle the Lesser, who finds them guilty. (After the scene where they go before Count Dooku was dropped, this scene didn’t make much sense and was dropped as well.)
  • Anakin and Ruwee BD (00:41:24) -> Naboo (finished) ****
  • Anakin’s Nightmare DFR/BD (00:55:00) -> Naboo (almost finished) ***
  • Dooku Interrogates Padme DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Anakin and Padmé are brought before Count Dooku, Jango Fett, and Poggle the Lesser requesting Obi-Wan’s release. Dooku says he cannot do so unless Naboo joins the Separatist movement, giving reasons for why he is forming the new government.
  • Extended Arrival on Naboo DVD (finished) *****
    Extended arrival of Anakin and Padmé on Naboo.
  • Extended Speeder Chase BD (00:57:15) -> Coruscant (unfinished) *
  • Jedi Temple Analysis Room DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Obi-Wan visits the Jedi Temple analysis room in order to find out where the dart used to kill the bounty hunter Zam Wesell originated.
  • Obi-Wan and Mace – Jedi Landing Platform DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Obi-Wan and Mace Windu discuss the removal of the Kamino system from the Jedi Archives and Obi-Wan’s concerns about Anakin.
  • Padme Addresses the Senate DVD (finished) *****
  • Padme’s Bedroom DVD (finished) *****
    Padmé shows Anakin her bedroom, which has holographic images of her humanitarian work.
  • Padme’s Parents’ House DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Padmé’s parents question both Padmé and Anakin about their daughter’s safety, while Padmé’s sister Sola asks her about her relationship with Anakin.
  • Raid on the Droid Control Ship and Extended Arena Fight DFR/BD (03:42:17) -> Geonosis (unfinished) *
    During the Geonosian arena battle, a team of Jedi led by Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon attempt to deactivate the Droid Control Ship, only to discover that these droids have been upgraded. Cut amid this story is additional action of Jedi battling in the arena.
  • The Lost Twenty BD (00:53:09) -> Coruscant (partially unfinished) ***
    Obi-Wan and Jocasta Nu discuss Count Dooku and the Lost Twenty
  • The Naboo star skiff shown flying off from Mustafar to Polis Massa Teaser
  • Anakin and Obi Wan exchange lines out side of the night club on Coruscant Teaser 3, 1:14 ****
  • Bail Organa; “We must stop them, before they’re ready.” Trailer (00:01:12) *****
    1.5s long sentence, still its quality is perfect!
  • Palpatine’s shuttle andaccompanying V-wings Trailer (00:04:00) *****
  • Vader is holding his hands up with bent arms Teaser (00:08) ****

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

  • A Plot to Destroy the Jedi? DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan discuss their concern over the Chancellor’s increasing powers as well as a plot aimed towards the Jedi.
  • A Stirring in the Senate DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Rebel Alliance subplot - Three scenes featuring Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, and other senators as they discuss the situation in the Senate and Palpatine’s rise to power, and eventually establish the Rebel Alliance.
  • Anakin Kills Shaak Ti DFR/BD (00:26:08) -> Kashyyyk and Order 66 (unfinished) *
    In the first cut of Episode III, Jedi Master Shaak Ti was killed by General Grievous aboard his flagship. In a later edit, Shaak Ti was to be killed by Anakin during the assault on the Jedi Temple. With her death scene cut twice, Shaak Ti was spared.
  • Changes to the Constitution BD (01:49:12) -> Coruscant (finished, hardsub) ****
  • Confronting the Chancellor DVD (finished) *****
    Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, and other senators as discuss the situation in the Senate and Palpatine’s rise to power, and eventually establish the Rebel Alliance. The senators present the petition to Palpatine and Anakin, who is acting as his personal bodyguard.
  • Elevator Antics BD (01:25:21) -> Coruscant (almost finished) ****
  • Escape Through the Hangar BD (02:22:23) -> Coruscant (unfinished) *
  • Exiled to Dagobah DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Yoda arrives on Dagobah in the final montage. Rick McCallum is quoted as saying that this was the biggest loss for him to the film and he hopes to see it on a future edition.
  • Grievous Slaughters a Jedi / Escape from the General DFR/DVD (almost finished) ****
    The scene starts out when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi round a corner in the Invisible Hand and find Jedi General Shaak Ti being held hostage by General Grievous and a large number of battle droids. Anakin and Obi-Wan are quickly surrounded by battle droids and General Grievous pretends to show mercy to Shaak Ti, then he suddenly kills her with a well-placed Shiak strike to the chest. Almost immediately Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi draw their lightsabers and slice a hole in the floor after having a brief sign language argument over what method they should use to escape. They fall down into a Separatist fuel tank, the surrounding battle droids proceed to take aim, but the experienced Separatist commander orders his troops not to fire in order to prevent the fuel from ignition. B2 super battle droids follow the Jedi, but are unable to stop them from escaping. The fuel rises to an overload discharge spark gap and the section of the ship explodes. This scene was left in in “Lego Star Wars:The Video Game” however Shaak Ti is not present and the generator room is not flooded.This scene is the only deleted scene to appear on the DVD but not considered to be canon due to Shaak Ti’s appearance in the final film, as well as The Force Unleashed multimedia project. The April 2014 Canon Reboot, however, can result in a new story regarding Shaak Ti.
  • Jedi Imposters at the Temple BD (00:36:00) -> Kashyyyk and Order 66 (almost unfinished, hardsub) *
  • Seeds of Rebellion (Padmé’s Apartment) DFR/DVD (finished) *****
    Mon Mothma and Bail Organa discuss the formation of the Rebel Alliance. Padmé suggests that the Jedi be consulted in this matter, but the group decides to take action before involving the Jedi.
  • Yoda Communes with Qui-Gon DFR/BD (00:48:10) -> Kashyyyk and Order 66 (finished) *****
    In the script, Yoda makes contact with Qui-Gon Jinn from beyond the grave; Qui-Gon then teaches Yoda the secret of becoming one with the Force. This was cut early enough that Liam Neeson never recorded the dialogue, so only a temporary voiceover exists.
  • Ki-Adi-Mundi different background Trailer (00:00:13) *****
    Just 0.5s long, it may be used “as is”
  • Grim Anakin walking down the hallway Trailer (00:01:12) *****
    1.5s long shot, still its quality is perfect!
  • “Spider-like” robots on Mustafar Teaser (00:08) ****
    Misses the volcano on the right; the shot before it * may * be not present in the movie
  • Extended duel with Count Dooku EP III Videogame (00:03) ***
    Including a shot where after Obi-Wan remarks “You won’t get away this time, Dooku.”, Dooku responds by igniting his lightsaber and saying “Just because there are two of you, do not assume you have the advantage.”
  • Anakin makes an important promise to Padme behind the scene

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

  • Alternate Biggs and Luke Reunion DFR/BD (00:24:20) -> The Battle of Yavin ***
    In the 1997 Special Edition of Star Wars, this footage was reinserted into the final cut with one important deletion — Red Leader’s passing reference to Anakin Skywalker remained on the cutting room floor.
  • Aunt Beru’s Milk DFR/BD (00:20:10) -> Tatooine ****
    Even the blue milk briefly glimpsed during the homestead dinner scenes in Episode IV has developed a following among Star Wars fans. Here is a bit more of Aunt Beru’s famous beverage.
  • Cantina Rough Cut DFR/BD (06:50:07) -> Tatooine
    This version of the cantina sequence was assembled with footage from the initial England shoot. After additional photography in California, new aliens were inserted into the final cut. One notable omission is seen here in a cutaway of Han Solo with a local woman.
  • Darth Vader Widens the Search DFR/BD (00:24:17) -> Aboard the Death Star ***
    In this short scene, Darth Vader and Chief Bast walk along a corridor on the Death Star. Bast reports that the search for the missing droids has extended to Mos Eisley spaceport. Vader observes that Princess Leia is resisting interrogation, and Bast boldly criticizes Tarkin’s plan to break her as "foolish."
    Where it was cut: The scene would have appeared between the scene where Han Solo encounters Jabba the Hutt in Docking Bay 94 (also cut), and the scene where Luke and Ben find the Millennium Falcon in Docking Bay 94.
    Why it was cut: Probably for reasons of time. The scene adds little to the plot.
  • Luke and Biggs DFR/BD ***
    This scene is a conversation between Luke and his oldest friend, Biggs Darklighter. Biggs has left Tatooine and is on planet leave from the Imperial Academy where he is training to be a space pilot. Luke’s envy of Biggs’s success conflicts with his duty to his uncle and his reasons for remaining on Tatooine. Biggs quietly tells Luke that he has decided to join the Rebellion against the Empire. In a tense and emotional conversation, the two young men say their final farewells.
    Where it was cut: This scene was to come in between the scene where C-3PO spots a distant Jawa sandcrawler in the desert, and the capture R2-D2 by the Jawas in the canyon.
    Why it was cut: The Luke and Biggs sequence was part of the whole Anchorhead back-story on Tatooine, and was cut along with the other early scenes on Tatooine probably for reasons of story pacing.
  • Luke in the Desert DFR/BD ***
    Luke Skywalker is in the Tatooine desert repairing a moisture vaporator, assisted by a WED Treadwell repair droid, when he notices shining objects in the sky. With his macrobinoculars Luke sees two ships engaged in combat beyond the atmosphere. He jumps into his landspeeder. The malfunctioning Treadwell blows a fuse and is unable to follow. Luke speeds off into the desert to find his friends.
    Where it was cut: The scene originally occurred after the Tantive IV is boarded, just before the first appearance in the film of Darth Vader. Existing footage has been degraded by poor film storage conditions over the years. Nonetheless, the scene was restored somewhat in the blu-ray edition.
    Why it was cut: Before the film was cut, this was the audience’s first sight of the young Luke Skywalker, much earlier than in the final cut. It was removed along with subsequent scenes of Luke and his friends in Anchorhead. George Lucas had originally written the scenes and shot them at the suggestion of his industry friends who thought that audiences wouldn’t understand the story strictly being told from a droid’s point of view. Upon realizing that the story was really about the droids’ adventures and it was them leading things to Luke and Obi-Wan, etc. Lucas took the footage out.
  • Old Woman on Tatooine DFR/BD (00:13:11) -> Tatooine **
    As Luke rushes into the town of Anchorhead aboard his landspeeder, an elderly local urges him to drive safely.
  • Stormtrooper Search DFR/BD (00:42:12) -> Tatooine ***
    An alternate version of this scene of stormtroopers searching the Mos Eisley alleyways made it into the final film. Footage from this deleted take found its way into The Star Wars Holiday Special.
  • The Search for R2-D2 DFR/BD (00:31:13) -> Tatooine **
    This footage includes a projected background to make the landspeeder appear to be moving. George Lucas found the finished visual unsatisfactory.
  • Tosche Station DFR/BD (04:58:24) -> Tatooine ***
    Luke’s landspeeder races into the town of Anchorhead, nearly running over an old woman. Luke rushes into Tosche Station excitedly telling his friends about the battle above their planet. He is overjoyed to be reunited with his friend Biggs Darklighter who is on planet leave from the Academy. Deak, Windy, Camie, Fixer and Biggs all follow Luke outside to see the battle with Luke’s macrobinoculars. The battle appears to have ended and Luke’s friends ridicule him for making it all up.
    Where it was cut: This scene was to come just after R2-D2 and C-3PO eject from the Tantive IV in an escape pod, and before the scene where Princess Leia is led captive before Darth Vader. It is thought that there is no longer any clear footage of this scene available.
    Why it was cut: This scene establishes Luke’s difficult relationships with his peers, and gives a picture of life on Tatooine. Storyline pacing may have been the deciding factor, but it should also be borne in mind that after Lucas’s first screening of the rough cut of Star Wars in 1977, a fellow film-maker jokingly accused him of producing “American Graffiti in space”. This jibe probably influenced Lucas to cut the scenes set in Anchorhead. The sequence where Luke nearly runs down an old woman was an effects shot that was never completed.
  • Alec Guiness_Cantina Rinzler ebook (00:16) ***
    cantina fight, I think it’s the same as in Empire of Dreams
  • Banthas Rinzler ebook (01:04) ***
    Extended scene of sandpeople trying to climb on the bantha
  • Gonk Droid in Death Star Hallway Rinzler ebook (00:45) ****
    Stormtroopers running in corridors, probably cut from the final Death Star battle
  • Han Shoots First Rinzler ebook (01:19) ****
    different takes of Han / Greedo sequence, includes Greedo’s “Jabba would rather have your ship” line which is missing from the Blu-ray deleted scene, also “I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time”
  • Misc Death Star Shootout clip1 Rinzler ebook (00:34) ****
    A longer version of “you’re braver than I thought” scene, includes the heroes running into some imperials and just walking casually away
  • Misc Death Star Shootout clip2 Rinzler ebook (00:21) ****
    Han hunting the stormtroopers - same shots in the movie, just different edit.
  • Old FX Dupe Rinzler ebook (01:31) (b&w) *
    Bit of original title crawl + more previously unseen shots from the Tantive IV battle; very bad quality, useless.
  • Shootout In Death Star Hangar Rinzler ebook (01:29) ****
    Escape from the Death Star - alternate angles
  • Before Swing Across Chasm Rinzler ebook (00:36) ***
    Luke and Leia jumping across the gap - alternate take -with more dialogue (for luck, we’re gonna need it)
  • Control Room Rinzler ebook (00:33) ***
    More dialog: “She’s beautiful.” - “So is life”.
  • Leia And Tarkin Rinzler ebook (00:27) ***
    Extended scene of destruction of Alderaan (and you call yourself human)
  • On Cliff Above Mos Eisley Rinzler ebook (00:22) ***
    “Well there we are, Mos Eisley spaceport” - “I’m ready for anything” - longer version of the scene used in the movie
  • Rebel Blockade Runner Rinzler ebook (01:12) ***
    Battle on the Tantive IV - alternate takes / angles
  • Vader Vs Obi Wan Duel Rinzler ebook (00:22) ***
    Different take
  • Daily Vader Throttles Captain Rinzler ebook (00:50) ***
    Vader strangles the captain, original cut with original dialogue, a longer version of the clip used in Empire of Dreams
  • Luke Watching Rinzler ebook (00:46) ***
    Luke with Treadwell and the moisture vaporator, different takes from the Blu-ray version
  • Stormtroopers on Death Star corridor unknown (00:10) ****
    Different “Gonk Droid in Death Star Hallway” first part, but better acting.
  • Leia and Tarkin 2 Empire of Dreams (00:18) ***
    Different takes.
  • Tarkin and Vader BD behind the scenes (00:04) ***
    Tarkin stands in front of the big screen, before ordering Alderaan distruction; Darth Vaders enters in the room.
  • Luke answer at Ben’s hut Empire of Dreams (00:18) ***
    Different take and added line of Luke’s dialog: BEN: “You must do what you feel.” - LUKE: “Right now I don’t feel too good…”
  • C-3PO walking on Tatooine unknown (00:07) ***
  • Swing Across Chasm unknown (00:08) ***
    Frontal view, different take from the movie.
  • The Search for R2-D2 2 Empire of Dreams (00:38) **
    Including new shot at the beginning, not seen on BD
  • Stormtrooper Search 2 Holiday Special (00:09) **½
    More soldiers on Mos Eisley street.
  • Han and Chewie in the hangar *The making of Star Wars (00:12) **½
    Chewie growls at Han; he watch him mimicking “what?”

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

  • Alternate Han and Leia Kiss DFR/BD (01:45:05) -> Pursued by the Imperial Fleet (b&w) **
    In this cut of Han and Leia’s first kiss, it’s important to note that their second kiss happens immediately thereafter, and is initiated by Leia, before the scene is interrupted by C-3PO.
  • Deleted Wampa Scenes (a.k.a. Wampa attacks) DFR/BD (02:27:03) -> Hoth ***
    The wampa threat was bigger in the script. After hints that the Rebels are not alone, a beast attacks. The Rebels then trap wampas in specially marked pens, which C-3PO uses to escape Imperial troopers. Unsatisfactory creature effects cut this subplot from the film.
  • Han and Leia (Extended Echo Base Argument) DFR/BD (01:29:05) -> Hoth ***½
    Though “You could use a good kiss!” proved to be a strong and unforgettable exit line, this first argument between Han and Leia lasted longer.
  • Hiding in the Asteroid DFR/BD (00:53:15) -> Pursued by the Imperial Fleet ***½
  • Leia Tends to Luke BD (00:51:12) -> Cloud City ***½
  • Lobot’s Capture DFR/BD (00:45:02) -> Cloud City ***½
    The fate of Lando’s aide is never revealed in the finished movie, but this footage makes it clear that his role in freeing the Rebel prisoners did not go unnoticed.
  • Luke and Leia (Medical Center) BD (01:59:17) -> Hoth ***½
  • Luke’s Recovery BD (01:03:16) -> Hoth (b&w) **
  • The Fate of General Veers BD (00:20:08) -> Hoth (b&w) **
  • Yoda’s Test DFR/BD (01:08:04) -> Hoth (b&w/col) *½
    As a test of Luke’s Jedi reflexes, Yoda floats a silver bar before the young apprentice. Luke ignites his blade and cuts the bar into pieces, an effect never completed.
  • 1st Cut Snow Battle Rinzler ebook (01:20) (b&w) *** / *
    Temp version of the snow battle, temp music from Star Wars, sketches instead of ATAT footage and death of general Veers
  • Luke Cockpit Dagobah Rinzler ebook (00:47) (b&w) ***
    Luke inside the cockpit; unfinished effects; useless.
  • Luke in Med Center Rinzler ebook (02:02) ****
    Alternate take of the scene where Luke says to Leia he wants to leave - different angle, and longer than the version on the Blu-ray, includes dialogue about the ice creatures and their invasion of the base, and Luke’s “stoned” reaction to “laser brain” and “fuzzball”
  • Luke vs Vader Carbon Chamber Rinzler ebook (01:18) ****
    different angle of Luke / Vader “steamy” duel
  • 1st Cut Dupe Pix Rinzler ebook (00:55) (b&w) ***½
    Early version of droid at the beginning destroying something metallic, half of it is just animatic + Luke killing a wampa
  • Vader Meditation Chamber Rinzler ebook (00:35) ***½
    Different angle of the scene where Vader has no helmet on, and longer, too!
  • Wampa Sneak Up Rinzler ebook (00:23) ****
    Few Wampa added shots not found on the final film.
  • Chewie Chews Out Han In Hangar Rinzler ebook (00:52) ***½
    different longer version of Han yelling at Chewie, Chewie speaks english
  • Probe Droid And Flaming Wreckage Rinzler ebook (00:30) ***½
    the droid from the beginning explores some flaming metallic debris - I wonder what it is
  • Yoda Scene 2 Rinzler ebook (00:51) ***½
    Luke meets Yoda, different version
  • Darth Vader on the gantry after Luke has let himself fall. Old trailer
    He has his arm extended out and you can see his head/body movements follow Luke as he falls.
  • Lando three shots Old trailer (00:05) ***
    First, you’ll see him coming up the top hatch of the Millennium Falcon looking around for Luke, then it cuts to him running towards a door and presumably trying to unlock it. Neither of these was in the original release, however for the Special Edition they added some new footage of Lando’s ascent/descent in the top hatch of the Falcon to make it look and work better.
  • Han and Leia kiss on Bespin behind the scene (01:12) ***
    Different takes in Leia’s room, and unused kiss shot.
  • Boba Fett on Bespin Empire of Dreams (00:03) ****
    He stands near carbonite pit, with a stormtrooper on the left of the screen
  • Dagobah monster Empire of Dreams (00:04) ****
    Brief shot of top of the monster head near R2 in the water.
  • Luke Bacta Mask Empire of Dreams (00:02) **½
    Brief shot of a mecanical arm who takes half-face sized mask off Luke.
  • Luke in Bacta tank trailer? (00:00:20) ****
    Different take
  • Luke falls + rebels on Hoth unknown (00:00:20) **½
    Different take of Luke falling in the snow + shots of rebels preparing for the battle.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

  • Battle of Endor: The Lost Rebels DFR/BD (09:06:20) -> Death Star Space Battle (b&w&/col) VIDEO: ½///*** AUDIO: //none/
    This footage includes Rebel pilots who never made the final cut, plus additional action featuring the Millennium Falcon’s support crew. Footage of General Madine as the Rebel leader was shot in case the puppet of Admiral Ackbar did not look convincing.
  • Jerjerrod’s Conflict DFR/BD (00:22:00) -> Death Star Space Battle ***½
    Commander Jerjerrod originally had more screen time. He is seen risking the wrath of Vader, and having misgivings about targeting the Endor moon with the Death Star.
  • Rebel Raid on the Bunker (Extended) DFR/BD (02:07:02) -> Endor ***½
    In the film, Han and his strike force encounter relatively little resistance in infiltrating the Imperial bunker. This incomplete sequence – without finished visual effects – has a longer gunfight, as well as Han’s reaction to being famously called “Rebel scum.”
  • Tatooine Sandstorm DFR/BD (01:59:19) -> Tatooine VIDEO **½ AUDIO *½
    This was the first scene shot for Return of the Jedi, and also the first scene cut from the film. As it was never completed, the dialogue was never re-recorded.
  • Vader’s Arrival and Reaching out to Luke DFR/BD (02:33:19) -> Tatooine ****
    This sequence nearly made it all the way to the finished edit of the film, as it was scored with music and features completed visual effects. It would have introduced Luke Skywalker very early in the movie, as well as his new lightsaber.
  • Death Of Vivian Rinzler ebook (00:26) (b&w) *
    Added footage not seen on “lost pilot”; almost useless.
  • Dir. Cut Rancor Rinzler ebook (01:22) (b&w) *** / *
    Luke in the cave, he tries to jump up and get through the bars. Has unfinished shots, and some shots are the same, or other takes, of the final movie; but it has new interesting shots.
  • Dir. Cut Rebel Hangar Rinzler ebook (01:21) (b&w) *** / **
    Longer version, different take; Chewie hugs Lando, Luke says to him “May the Force be with you”, and Leia hugs him wishing good luck; about 15s added shots.
  • Dir. Cut Death Star Tunnels Rinzler ebook (01:12) (b&w) *** / *
    Temp version of the attack on the Death Star from inside features different shots from the Blu-ray scenes; some added footage, many sketches and unfinished effects; almost useless.
  • Dir. Cut. Emperor attacks Endor Rinzler ebook (01:21) (b&w) ***
    Emperor teases Luke, and asks the commander to blow up Endor - different angles from the Blu-ray deleted scenes; begins with new shots, then goes to JerJerrod’s deleted scene (as seen on BD) then the rest is the same of the movie; if someone would like to use this scene, it’s always possible to reconstruct it, using similar shots from the movie, and JerJerrod’s shot from BD deleted scene.
  • **Vader and Luke Sister Rinzler ebook (01:55) ****
    Vader teases Luke; original audio - same footage seen on the final movie, same dialog without audio effects.
  • Fin. Cut Luke Builds Light Saber Rinzler ebook (00:59) (b&w) *
    temp version of Luke constructing his lightsaber, with different actor playing Luke and R2 and 3PO played by toys; useless, even because the same deleted scene is available, finished and in color.
  • We Got The Power Rinzler ebook (01:44) ****
    Same version as in the theatrical version but with cheesy 70s chorus in English that lasts over the final credits. It exists even a version with lyrics subtitles.
  • 3PO Storytelling Rinzler ebook (02:12) ***
    Fixed camera shot of 3PO that tells the story to the Ewoks; almost useless, because shot is boring in this version, while good on the final movie.
  • Jabba daily Rinzler ebook (00:53) ***
    Jabba’s original English dialogue, quite different from the final subtitles; could be used with some corrections, and obvious redubbing.
  • Strangling Jabba Rinzler ebook (00:53) ***
    Jabba’s death - alternate take
  • Salacious Chewing On Threepio Rinzler ebook (00:39) ***
    3PO loses his eye - alternate take
  • General Madine Rinzler ebook (00:39) ****
    Further shots, that could be combined with The Lost Rebels BD deleted scene-
  • Vader Picks Up Emperor Cowl Falls Off Rinzler ebook (00:21) ***
    Death of Palpatine - alternate take
  • Vader And Luke On Endor Rinzler ebook (01:14) ***
    Luke tries to persuade Vader, with the director speaking for Vader - alternate take
  • Sarlacc Pit Falls Rinzler ebook (00:36) ***
    various shots of bad guys who finish in the Sarlacc’s mouth.
  • Death Valley Droids Rinzler ebook (00:19) ****
    R2 going to Jabba’s palace - different dialogue
  • Wedge Antilles piloting an X-Wing fighter Original Teaser Trailer (1982) (00:01:00) ****
    1s long shot, still its quality is really good!
  • Falcon spiraling around while inside the second Death Star Trailer (00:00:18) ****½
    Half second shot, to be added to an existing shot
  • R2 grabs a little creature from the X-wing unknown (00:03) ***
  • R2 and 3PO entering Jabba’s palace BD documentary (00:03) ***½
    Just a different take from a different angle
  • Lapti Nek extended song laserdisc (02:48) **½
    Whole song of the version seen in the original theatrical run; low quality 4:3 aspect ratio
  • EditDroid laserdisc deleted scenes laserdisc (about 30m) **

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

  • Finn And The Villager DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    Following the death of FN-2003 during the attack on Tuanul, FN-2187 spares the life of a villager.
  • Finn Will Be Fine DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    After Rey returns to D’Qar with Finn, Dr. Harter Kalonia assures her that Finn will be fine.
  • Jakku Message DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    At the D’Qar’s Resistance base, Major Taslin Brance informs General Leia Organa that Tuanul was wiped out and there was no sign of the map. Brance also told her that Poe Dameron and his droid were missing. Organa orders them to find BB-8 instead of contacting the New Republic.
  • Kylo Searches The Falcon DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    A squad of Snowtroopers and Kylo Ren search the Millennium Falcon. Ren then see Dameron’s X-Wings moving in to attack when he walks out.
  • Leia & The Resistance 3DBD ****½
  • Snow Speeder Chase DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    Finn and Rey take a snowspeeder but are pursued by another until Finn shoots the gunner and causes it to crash.
  • Tunnel Standoff DMA/3DBD ****½
    While escaping Maz’s palace, Han Solo, Finn, Chewbacca, and Maz Kanata are cut off by a group of stormtroopers, who wished to arrest them in the name of Supreme Leader Snoke. Solo attempts to talk them out of it, asking “Do you know a Smoke?” and “What makes him Supreme?” He then asks, “Is this something [Finn] did? Is this about the stormtrooper boots?” to which Finn replies “That’s how you knew.” This implies that Solo realized that Finn was a deserted stormtrooper because of the boots he was wearing.
  • Unkar Plutt at Maz’s Castle 3DBD ****½
    At Maz Kanata’s castle on the planet Takodana, Plutt corners Rey and begins issuing threats. The newly emboldened scavenger draws her weapon, but Plutt quickly snatches it away, only to find himself picked on by someone who definitely isn’t Plutt’s own size — Chewbacca. The wounded Wookiee looms large, but Plutt is undaunted, literally poking the space bear. Then Chewbacca disarms him, literally. Rip! Plorp! A limb goes flying and lands on the gambling table, earning a high-pitched scolding from Warwick Davis’ character Wollivan.
  • X-Wings Prepare For Lightspeed DMA/DVD/BD/3DBD ****½
    Resistance base personnel give Dameron and his pilots the all clear after the Falcon lands on Starkiller Base.
  • Various shots not seen in the movie Trailers/Teasers/etc. ****
    • “Chewie, we’re home!” is a different take
    • Kylo Ren turns on his lightsaber and crossguard
    • Maz Kanata hands Luke’s lightsaber to Leia.
    • The closeup of stormtroopers readying blasters on the transport & the ramp dropping from inside.
    • Rey frantically starting up her speeder
    • Rey driving off in her speeder
    • X-wings flying low over the water - from teaser 2
    • The mirrored shot of Rey, where she carries her staff on one shoulder, and her salvage bag over the other, which was always paired with the shot of Rey helping Finn off the ground
    • Another shot of Rey on Jakku, where she carries both her staff and salvage bag, from TV spots.
    • The shot used in the trailer (and nearly every TV spot afterwards) where she stares off into the distance while she’s scrubbing the salvage is a different take (probably when they still had her watching the family boarding the ship to leave Jakku).
    • the shots of the Knights of Ren in the promotional footage is different
    • the shot of Phasma walking right-to left across screen through the village in the promotional footage.
    • The shot of Finn popping up in the desert on Jakku is in the film, but not the slow shot of the desert
    • Rey reaction shot on her speeder - from teaser #1
    • Poe’s “woo-hoo!” (they used a different take)
    • Kylo turning around from - teaser #2 (they used a different take)
    • Stormies turning around at Starkiller (they used a different take)
    • The hangar bay shot - from teaser #2
    • Rey and moisture vaporaters - from teaser #2
    • Rey lending her hand to Finn (they used a different take)
    • TIE pilot shot - from teaser #2
    • Finn taking off the helmet - from trailer #1 (not deleted, but reversed)
    • Finn and Rey on the Falcon - from trailer #1 (Finn doesn’t walk up to where Rey is)
    • Han’s “all of it” (different take)
    • Falcon jumping into hyperspace
    • Poe and Finn at the base (different take)
    • Han from the first TV spot (not this exact shot)
    • Rey leaving the Star Destroyer wreckage (longer)
    • Rey looking into the distance while cleaning her loot (longer)
    • Finn waking up after the crash (longer)
    • Rey stands in front of the exhaust of a dead star destroyer (2s longer)
  • Various voiceovers not heard in the movie Trailers/Teasers ****
    • Maz Kanata asks Rey who she is, and she replies “No-one.”
    • “The Force is strong in my family…" (redubbed for the trailer, not the ROTJ)
    • Finn says, “I was raised to do one thing, and I’ve got nothing to fight for.”
    • Kylo Ren says, “Nothing will stand in our way. I’ll show them the Dark Side.”
    • Maz Kanata says, “Hope is not lost today. It is found.”
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO meet BB-8 in a desert environment O2 commercial (00:32) *****
  • BB-8 hacking a computer, while Chewie waits for him Verizon TV spot (00:21) ****
  • BB-8 piloting an X-wing Jeep commercial (00:15) ****

Note: every EP7 deleted scene (on BD/3DBD/DMA) has a timecode (white on black background) on the upper left of the screen.

2016-11-15 original post; completely unfinished/animatics or sketches only will NOT be added
2016-11-17 added info about finishing quality of some scenes
2016-11-27 added Rinzler ebook info - thanks to Pittrek
2016-11-27 added EP2 shot found on trailer 3 - thanks to littlev87
2016-12-01 added a lot of shots found on trailers, teasers, TV spots
2016-12-02 added shots found on commercials; even if it’s a bit unhortodox, could be useful for restorations
2016-12-03 added a lot ofscenes from unknown source; some very interesting!
2016-12-03 rated all scenes

BD = Blu-ray
DVD = Digital Versatile Disk
3DBD = 3D BD Collector’s Edition
DFR = 2015 Digital Format Release
DMA = Disney Movies Anywhere Digital Content

  • Scenes quality, audio and video:
    • ***** perfect, could be used “as is”
    • **** requires minimal clean and/or color correction
    • *** could be cleaned but requires good skills
    • ** poor quality, difficult to clean
    • * useless for any reason / audio should be replaced

To do list:

  • Place the scenes in chronological order (now are in random order)
  • Add eventual new scenes, in particular the ones found on documentaries, specials etc.
  • Find a way to give each scene/shot an unique ID - like DVD001, BDR001 etc. - that will be used as reference.

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