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some audio advice please
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11-Nov-2016, 7:09 PM
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11-Nov-2016, 7:11 PM
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There’s a lot being said, i hope I’m interpreting it right.

OTT84 said:

i used eac3to to get the wavs to work in vegas

THD & DTS-HD MA are lossless.

Using eac3to to decode THD to WAV is fine. The newest eac3to versions can decode THD & DTS-HD MA losslessly.

and then used surcode to complie to dts

however ive recently been made aware this is a lossy audio and indeed media info says so

DTS (core) itself is lossy.

i read i can use dts master suite to take these wavs from the truehd source and end up with a “better sounding” lossless file and also extract the core, though tbh i dont havea clue what that means and if that’s what i need to do?

Core is always lossy.

i looked at my original audio info and when i re extracted the wavs from truehd today as originals were delted after for space, i notced one major difference the new wavs were 768kbps and only 16bit, my finished film had a higher bitrate of 1510kbps and 24bit

full-rate lossy DTS (core) is 1510kps. Since it’s a lossy codec, exact bitness is somewhat meaningless.

i remembered i didnt do a straight conversion on my prjoect as i htink i noticed this before, i went truehd > eac3to dts @24 > eac3to wavs > vegas > surcode

This is bad, because if you encoded DTS before making it WAV for vegas, DTS (core) is lossy, and you’re editing lossy audio in vegas. Best to go direct from THD to WAV (lossless.)

& As said before, using surcode to make DTS (core), DTS (core) itself is lossy.

i’m concidering using the the new waves to update the audio but i find it odd that the original high bitrate of them is reduced signifiactly, but when renderd through dts-ma suite they do show now as lossless / lossy and unknown / 768 bitrate in media info,

DTSHDMA necessarily includes a DTS core, which can usually range from 752-1510 for surroud

but in the first info page of properties in mpc it shows a bitrate of 4k which is over the original 3k of the truehd files?

When you went from THD --> DTS, this is a lossy process, and the decoder has no knowledge of the original lossless 16bit source, and decoded it to 24bits, and now is bigger. Additionally, you may’ve exported 24bits in vegas.

i want to know if using waves like this is the right way to go about it as they have to go into vegas for the editiding of course, and is any detail lost when i save them individually again after the cuts?

GO straight from THD to WAV using eac3to for vegas for best quality. Export 16bit using vegas.

and from there which settings in dts ma suite should i be using with the edited wavs, i matched all the setting

Using DTSHDMA, and 768/752kps for core is fine.

THD is more inefficient than DTSHDMA for the same input, so DTSHDMA will be smaller.