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Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited v2.0 [RELEASED]
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4-Nov-2016, 2:31 PM
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22-Jan-2019, 5:28 PM
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A while ago Adywan posted this video:

This video highlighted what the crawls for his Revisited saga would look like and how they were all going to follow the same timing and correcting the problems After Effects had with antialiasing on the crawl once it got too far away in the distance. This got me to thinking “I want my crawls to match Ady’s”. So with some scouring the internet I found that our own DigiModification had done some work in Blender, and came up with a project file that can be freely downloaded and used to create your own custom crawl. However, this project came with some limitations and would only output the crawl itself and the crawl that it made was not in line with Adywan’s. So, I took it upon myself to recreated what Ady had done using Blender instead of 3DSMax.

With my project the output is not only very close in timing, but this project also outputs everything from the “A long time ago…” text and the “Star Wars” logo. As of right now this project is not available, however I will be releasing it as soon as I have the guide finished.

But as a way to hold you over here is a quick comparison video I made of the original video Ady posted and my project showing how close I have been able to get. Ganted, its not perfect, but i think it is as close as you can get.

hope you all like it

This project is now available. PM me for a link.