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Looking for Blu Ray covers for I-III that include the theatrical posters on the front

oojason said:

trillary dump said:

oojason said:

If you could put a link on here to your DeSpecialized blu-ray set (or it’s covers) - then someone on here may have / know where to find the Prequel Trilogy blu-ray covers set to match.

I uploaded pictures for you guys

Thanks - that set is very much likely by phildesfr - from this thread here -

Could well be worth asking phildesfr if there are any Prequel Trilogy covers (though as Tyler0013 says, there doesn’t seem to be any for matching PT covers that set) - though he may have seen some elsewhere?

May also be worth asking if anyone is willing to knock up a set to match - there are some very talented people on here…

Good luck with it - I hope you find what you are looking for.

I just asked him. Thanks for the advice!

Does anyone have scans of the 2006 Limited Edition Trilogy DVD covers?

I recently bought what I thought were the 2004 DVDs but I was surprised to see that they had the GOUT DVDs and inserts. Now I want to get the proper cover art printed out. If someone could scan their covers for the 2006 trilogy or provide a link to someone else’s scans it would be greatly appreciated.

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