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Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info.

Hey everyone.

First, I commend your work. The despecialized editions are a fantastic version of the trilogy.

I’ve been checking this place out since I decided I couldn’t deal with the post-97 changes. I got into Star Wars with the 97 SE trilogy and prefer to watch that version of the films, bad CG and all. I naturally started by trying to find copies online, since I don’t watch anything on disc. And I joined the few who were bummed to learn that they never even made it onto DVD.

So I went ahead and bought the NTSC laserdisc collection and a laserdisc player. I captured local copies of the movies and all’s well. These are standard def, letterboxed, 640x480 copies. I even kept the laserdisc operation prompts and side flips to make it a true laserdisc experience. It looks rough but this is all about nostalgia for me anyway. Nothing more nostalgic than CRT-quality Star Wars movies.

My question is what’s the best way to contribute these to your efforts, or if it’s even necessary?