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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

Possessed said:

quickbunnie said:

So if you go to the aforementioned sticky and invite thread, it seems that people are able to give out MySpleen invites. So we are kind back to square one with how to get a copy outside of paying someone $175+ on eBay.

This custom set perhaps but not despecialized in general.

To be fair, the people in this thread are here for the custom bluray author NJVC did…

Post in this thread to request an invite to (you *MUST* read the first post)

See, this is confusing, because I was on NJVC’s bluray author thread, and posts as recent as a month or two are directing me here to get an invite… Someone said that the invites are closed, but there seems to be people who got invites last month, and the thread has been unlocked since Dec '16.

I’m not sure where to go. I admit, I am not actively involved with SW preservation, but I visit OT occasionally and read about the different projects. I don’t actively use bit torrent, but I would seed a copy of this for at least a 2.0 ratio. I understand the frustration with people who grab a copy of Harmy and run, but on the other hand, the Harmy work and NJVC bluray author’s are highly desired and just not commercially available or even easily available for download. So anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and wants a ‘pure’ copy without being in the private torrent scene is stuck asking for invites here.

I’m trying to work through the rules as best as I can, but it just is starting to seem like there isn’t a place for someone like me. Anyway, I’ll post here because I don’t seem to have any options left - if anyone is willing to lend me a MySpleen invite (if they are even allowing those), I’d appreciate one.


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